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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Oct 17, 2008 7:05 PM Flag

    John Allison is an idiot

    P.S. If things are bad now, and it looks like Obama just might get elected, with all of his social programs (share the wealth)and tax increases we are really going to be in deep doo-d00.

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    • P.S. If Obama is elected along with a democrat senate and a democrat house, any and every liberal social program and tax increase will pass with ease. American people it looks like hard times ahead.

    • Beter be in cash if Obama gets elected. Crap will hit the fan. Worst congress and senate in history with Pelosi and Reid, and now the triangle of as sholes would be complete. McCain will win. This country has a long history of keeping checks and balances. The media will prop up the empty suit as much as it can, and polls will be wrong as always, but Obama won't win.

    • Qualifier: I am neither Dem. or Rep, rather pro-candidate with a grasp of party loyalties and policies.

      This link leads a very special video that truly frightens me. If McCain is elected, the potential future devastation that follows will be enormous for ALL Americans!
      5min - about halfway into the video is when the implied future spine chilling perspectives are revealed...

      Please think before you vote. You might be a outspoken defender and party loyalist, yet when you enter the voting booth, only God and your conscience will know who you voted for.

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