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  • cndl_trader cndl_trader Feb 10, 2009 2:35 PM Flag

    Dividend Cut?

    Don't count on it. Compare their capital ratios and dividend paying histories. I think things would have to get MUCH worse for BB&T to consider cutting their divy. Will they likely increase it going forward? Depends

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    • In recent blogs concerning BBT, I have learned that they, too, are holders of toxic assets especially in the Obama DC area. Everyone was thrilled when they increased the div early in the year but no one including them could have imagined the shear size and scope of this recession/depression. I own them for the dividend but I now have doubts that they will be able to pay it. I expect it to be cut in half. JMHO

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      • Couple suggestions:

        1) Use corporate sources, most specifically the Conference Calls to Investors and Financial Analysts, etc as a source for your investment decisions rather than the blogs you cite.

        2) If you are that psychotic about the dividend stability as a basis for your investment decisions, I suggest you invest in Preferred Stock, Bonds,CDs, MMKTS, or Bank Savings Accounts.

        Best Regards

      • Lake,

        Point of clarification. The abundance of toxic loans - which BB&T did not make (e.g. negative amortization, pick-a-pay) - is one of the reasons the credit markets dried up after these loans were bundled and sold to investors, who eventually realized foreclosures and bankruptcies not only destroyed their value but froze the bond markets.

        But, to your point, yes BB&T does have some problems in DC (and elsewhere), but they're recessionary related, not because they did some of the crazy lending.

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