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  • queefoo queefoo Feb 12, 2009 4:37 PM Flag


    LMFAO - pretty soon I can have the same basis as your 476 year old stock and the same yield, HAHAHAHA, and I will not have wasted 30 years on the hold.


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    • that guy deserves to sink into the hole he dug himself and he took others down with him

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      • Awwwwwww, now isn't this just precious. The kids all missed me. Cant I even slip out of town without telling you? Poor ole fweeqie girl, got all depressed, numbie thinks Im back in under alias, and ole bucket hole, well, is still just a hole. What did you win bucket, I'm STIL around, STIL got my gold buried, STIL hold BBandT, why you ask, because I can, and will hold for more years. I dont have to worry about this week, next month, next year. I'll go 5 yrs, 10 yrs. I'm major league boys and girls. Btw hole, I've been to a mountain survival school for 2 weeks, lost 10 lbs, love those USMC MREs, in my day they were called C-rats. Now dont you kids get all excited Im back, and keep an eye on numbie, he really never did ignore

    • Poor Spoor is officially on FULL TILT


    • OOOOOhhhhh lookie, the mba/cpa is back! Whewie, we can all rest now.

    • Quit preaching moron. Nobody cares what you think. You have nothing to say.

    • Poor Spoor

    • Bush & Republicans were most liberal spending in the history of our great nation. They were the socialist bailout guys. Now me must invest in our future if we are going to turn it around. The trickle down theory was worst financial disaster of our lifetimes.

      Sorry Spoor.. its time to pay the fiddler

    • Ace, you know what the problem is with liberal followers, they have no memory, they follow blindly, throw stuff out hoping it sticks, and no one will remember fact, and just refuse to remember how govt works, like there are 3 branches, legislative, exeutive and judicial. Well child, there is no spending unless these legislators sign off. These guys attach pork to every bill, even to fund the soldiers paychecks, you know, those guys who make it possible for you to come here and spew opinion by sacrificing every minute of every day. If you had a hair, you would go back and look at every spending bill and see what liberals have demanded before agreeing to pass bills over the last several years. This new budget that Hussein offered, and will become law. contained 1 billion for Hamas, a terrorist org, and several million for Acorn, indicted several times for corruption and illegal voter registration just to name a few of the latest. Those indictments will now be dropped by the tax cheats in Husseins cabinet.
      Remember, the Prez proposes, the Congress disposes. Hussein and his cohorts will now bring terrorists into a court of law paying off trial lawyers for their votes and continue to destroy our country. Just once try fact.

    • jams5006 Mar 2, 2009 12:52 PM Flag

      Spoor excellent words of wisdom. See! that wasn't so bad, and yet there are no negative comments to realize the fact that most do not understand the situation at hand.

    • Seriously.
      That might the biggest bunch of absolute bullshit I have ever read in my life. What a complete moron and fool you must be to defend a CHICKEN HAWKS like George Bush and Dick Cheney.
      Let me guess? You would vote for eight more years of the same crap? Or maybe you supported Sarh Palin?
      As stated before, I will stand behind my President, and Harvard Graduate Barack Obama.
      That is his name BARACK OBAMA, soon you will be calling him MR OBAMA.
      MOLD SPOOR is so right on!

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