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  • torreyrunner torreyrunner Feb 16, 2009 12:29 PM Flag

    60 min piece last night shows how bad it really is for banks.

    In response to your intended panic inducement I might mention that the company that bought Wachovia (the purchaser of Golden West) is Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo knew what they were getting when they purchased Wachovia.

    The critical component of analyzing the quality of a banks loans is the percent of nonperforming assets. In the fourth quarter BBT had 1.34% nonperforming whereas WFC had 2.69%. It would seem that painting BBT and GDW with the same brush is not deserved.

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    • what a joke...panic

      how bout the truth. BBT i think is one of the good banks however it has come out the past few day's that BBT does not have near enough loan reserves put a side.
      and the area of the country they have a lot of thier loans is going south very quickly.

      BBT will have to cut thier divy to preserve capital... they will have much larger losses on construction, housing HELOC, & commercial real estate.
      CNBC fast money Karen Finerman has said all along BBT is very light on thier loan lose resreves. The entire Mkt is starting to spiral down we closed at DOW 7850 Fri.
      just look at DOW futures they are down to 7690's

      there is no magic fix. Heck, we could see DOW 6000 by next wk.
      damn scary

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      • What has changed in the last few days that all of a sudden makes BBT light on loan loss reserves? Oh that's right, someone SAID they were light on loan loss reserves. Um, there is nothing new and nothing has changed in the last several months. Human nature can be funny to watch. People are just sheep by nature and follow the trend of the moment. It looks silly from here.

      • no DOW 6,000 this week or next week, i think your using emotions on that statement

        maybe if it sets up into Q3 the DOW can fall to 6,250 area, but that is no guarantee as of yet, we need to see more as we approach Q3

        despite what everyone thinks of the market going straight down, the market broke below S&P 500 LEVEL of 804 and we are getting very close to a near-term oversold condition in which we may rally into Friday -- and if that happens, then we may be setting up a test of the new lows into MARCH -- it may happen, i am not sure, i want to see it set-up, and if it does, i will go SHORT the index

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