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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Mar 27, 2009 11:46 AM Flag

    Watch Possible SPX 840 Area

    the party is almost over -- remove all INDEX LONGS on any rally and prepare to set up SHORT ENTRY into S&P 500 LEVEL 840+/-few points -- we went up far too much in too short of time, we are going to see a turn

    for those who sit around bored posting on this message board, why don't you get in the game, you are being left behind, and don't listen to the ones that have a terrible track record, they will kill your account value

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    • well boys and girls, the 833 high is in place -- i said around 838 and if anyone is gracious to give me that gimme putt, i will be taking my bow on the 18th green and get ready for the next round at pebble beach

      great start so far, and it continues to form -- i am already in the next trade -- am i the only person seeing this one? please tell me someone else is seeing this one form, it's a pure gift

      so it's lower we go toward 770, 750, 730 Areas -- if we break below 730, look for new lows on the entire bear market -- but if we take out the recently set 833 high, we will move up significantly -- but until then, we focus on the short

    • "Before the day is out, you will see BBT fall into the red "

      This is what u said earlier today, why did this not happen? Then you said, "Looking at the charts now, it actually looks like BBT is getting stronger" Lotta peeps in here will not like that

    • what a day! what til you see what happens in the next few days, this is gonna be memorable

    • Trading is absolutly wonderful now. How do I do it? I use day trading charts that include many factors that I have developed myself. Can I explain it? Difficult. The bottom line is limit losses and protect profits at all costs. I have a healthy short position here at $18 and things change sometimes on an hourly basis. If BBT hits 16.70, I will COVER everything. Looking at the charts now, it actually looks like BBT is getting stronger. If you probally noticed, BBT's volume picks up in the afternoon and when it moves up, it moves in a hurry. The Short trade looked much better this morning than now. (by the way, I just covered at 16.70). The hole ball of wax is to make money. Go short, go long, but the only losers will be those that do nothing. BBT hits 16.90 today Im going Long. Good luck.

    • Smarty, you are just sooo smart, you dont have a clue. Explaining stuff to you is a waste of time, since you are UNC, go to ECU and they can help you out.

    • Amazing how he now contends to now own a lot of gold. Before this stock tanked it was all about BB&T and how great an investment it was....then it was stock he "traded"...then it was about moral its about owning gold. I wish this moron could get banned from the Board, his nonsense just clutters everything up. Probably a high school kid just playing.

    • a 4th request is not going asked by me -- we understand that you can not back up your claim

      enjoy the sell off

    • All my claims are backed and fact, you will be waiting a long time hole

    • Funnie, I happen to agree with you. EVERYONE is saying this market is WAY overbought. Sometimes thats all it takes to create PANIC selling again. When the market falls, BBT will follow suit. I do want to go longat $14 but now am short at $18. Good luck all shorts. Our day is at hand again. Sometimes the OBVIOUS is the hardest to recognize.

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      • i wouldn't establish any new long positions at this level, that game is done -- you can only trade ups and downs the next couple days but you have to know when to jettison that idea -- my only problem with shorting BBT is that is did not keep up with the index rally, therefore better trades for higher % gains for the index drop are elsewhere

        we are at Q1 report card for the mutual fund and hedge fund managers, so don't expect them to drop this market quite yet, but once Q1 is in the history books, it's every man for himself -- if we do rally into end Q1 and it gets close to the 840 Area, then it's a great risk reward ratio SHORT ENTRY, despite how they are desperately trying to hold up the index on both the gov't and private investments front -- but there is no saving it -- we can still reach the 840 LEVEL if the gov't comes out with the right plan over the weekend if they tell us what we want to hear, about how they are going to privatize the toxic assets, which will work fine if you are not a consumer driven economy, but the biggest problem remains the consumer still fully tapped out, and some have lost their jobs -- approximately 75% of our economy is consumer driven -- so the S&P 500 will not be much of an earner the coming 9 months despite that there is talk of the DOW 30 going to possibly 8,500, 9,000, maybe even 10,000

        have your finger on the ejection button and don't get sucked into the hype -- today's market action knows better, they sold off the market despite that banks coming out of a meeting with the prez -- partly because they want to see the plan first -- a couple of weeks ago, the prez's said a plan was coming and he did say to buy stocks -- but his reason was different than mine -- and my next bet is based on the consumer -- so match your reason to pick a side, and i am using earnings

        when the stock market hits the inevitable depressed level that will shock everyone, that's when i will buy that bottom, and then we will start the next bull cycle within the secular bear market

    • still waiting for you to back up your claim, again

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