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  • matollionequay matollionequay Apr 3, 2009 12:52 PM Flag

    Great Silence In Europe This Morn!

    To the issue of of world experience: I think your list is correct except you left off W who also had no prior experience. Often regarded as having "kept us safe" I point out that Bush was the one in office when we were successfully attacked. Remember that in August of 2001 he said in a cabinet meeting "I don't want to hear anymore about Al Queda". I guess Osama bin Laden didn't get the memo. Furthermore, he was involved in discussions about how to get Saddam H when he was still governor of Texas. That was a few years before the WMD scare. US and British intelligence agencies knew WMD was not credible prior to our joint invasion.

    He should not have been president but it is time for those of us who think so to get over it and move on.


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    • It is often said that its not always what one says, its what they leave out thats revealing.
      W was governor of the largest state in the union for two unanimously voted terms, and generated record revenues and implemented tax cuts with a democrat led house and senate during 8 years. In that function he met with world leaders, along with the leaders he met during his fathers term as VP and Prez. He also met with world leaders as a part of his private businesses. His IQ is recorded as higher than that of most elected officials and he was a certified jet fighter pilot. If you are 3rdmardiv you know that.
      Hussein was a community activist who openly associated with Acorn, a many times indicted group for voter fraud, and election fraud and failure to register equal #s of voters from all sides, a part of accepting govt grants. Also a 20 year record of attending Rev Wrights church without ever learning he was an ardent USA hater and racist minister(see and hear all press and media videos and columns. A long term assoc of terrorist Bill
      Ayers(see all press and media videos and colums) who said he was disappointed he didnt blow up and kill more. Elected to the Senate, he served actively less than 6 months, and campaigned the rest of time. He voted 3 times to fund the practice of aborting and killing babies whose head was outside the womb with govt funds.
      W was the prez during 9/11. His nominees for national security and cabinet positions were blocked by democrats in the house and senate for most of that time(see press and media videos and columns) Heres what you leave out. During the Clinton years Osama hit American soil or properties 7 times. Each time Clinton said we will find those responsible and bring them to justice. Look hard for any response anywhere. He was offered Osama, I think by the Sudan govt, while he lived there and Clinton turned them down. He directed Reno and Jamie Gorelick to write the legislation denying all govt agencies from sharing terrorist information(see various police files and fbi files for 9/11 terrorist potential arrest records) And on Iraq the house and senate records of democrat members are full of speeches advising Clinton to go after Iraq for UN violations and intell showing evidence of WMDs, gassing his own population, torture and rape, among them, Kennedy, Biden, Dodd. Clinton bombed an aspirin factory on a saturday evening in Baghdad. Iraq jets were buzzing American jets in the no fly zone knowing we could not respond. Most intell in the world believed Iraq was allowing terror training by al quaida.

    • world believed Iraq was allowing terror training by al quaida. So 9/11 happens and 4 days later Congress voted unanimously except one to authorize the prez to pursue any person group or country who promoted, harbored terrorists,, and or protected them. It also directed the formation of a Homeland Security Dept and gave its Director near unlimited power. In that Congress only can declare war and fund it, they did so and have funded it for 9 years. Many other countries allied and funded same along with troops and same intell from their agencies. Attempts to rewrite this history works for some and not for others.
      Deficits under W ending 2008 was 400 billion and was screamed at constantly by dems. Suddenly under Hussein 2.3 trillion is now ok, and projections of 10 trillion in 8 years by the CBO, all in less than 100 days. The great messiah, the uniter, the fixer of all, suddenly on election night speech said well we cant do any of that. Biden promises a major terror attack with 6 months. Hussein travels the world with his teleprompter, and 500 peeps, downing America, and trying to put us under control of Europe
      To those of us, some 62+ million voters, plus those stolen or disallowed by Acorn, hope the policies of Hussein designed to bankrupt America fail. There is a huge underground movement, not reported by press and media, growing with the purpose of limiting Hussein to one term, see 4/15 tea parties planned/tax day. Many uninformed voters now realize they didnt realize how wrong they were. The old Reagan dems and moderates in Congress are forming alliances. The business leaders across the country are banding together with eyes on the 2010 midterm congressional elections. OK your turn, and if true, Semper Fi

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