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  • inlet_boater inlet_boater Apr 7, 2009 4:45 PM Flag

    Why the bashers are wrong

    A 6 week cycle bottomed 1 week ago and is up for 2 more weeks. The 5 monthy cycle is 1 month from a bottom. These cycles offset for the next two weeks.

    The 7 day cycle is up for 1+ days.
    The 21 day cycle bottoms by April 13 (Monday). So maybe a bit of a selloff Wed agternoon and Thur.

    There is nothing near term to push BBT much below $16.

    see cycles on these charts:

    The bashers will not give you any analysis or charts to support their positions.

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    • Jus so you know - here is hunter's posts elsewhere:

      Pumping a piece of crap bank from Ohio:
      I'm on this roller coaster....... 12-Mar-09 06:30 pm

      I'm on this roller coaster and I'm going to ride it higher. It's pure speculation, but I think HBAN is going up and longs will be rewarded. I don't day trade and I'm holding on until at least $5.00 no matter how long it takes.


      You got $5.00 yet hunter? LMFAO.
      Here he is pumping a low priced company wit not so good fundamentals:


      Re: I'm in at this discount price! 6-Mar-09 06:50 pm

      Let me know how you are doing when the DOW hits 5000. Double up then when it is $2.00.
      Here he admits he is usually wrong:
      I could not stop it, but I slowed it..... 27-Feb-09 07:59 pm

      Today, I put on a small short position against a much larger long position just to see if I could stop the downward spiral. Usually whatever I do the opposite happens. At least it did not go down as much, but hey, I'm up 50 cents a share on the short shares.

      Is this the guy you want to take advice from? 2 funny.

    • I beg to differ. Here's some analyis....I just threw out my Voodo bones (just as accurate as charts and other mumble jumble)and here is what they say:

      1. The economy sucks in the Southeast and will continue for a while.

      2. Commercial real estate is just beginning to tank.

      3. BB&Ts earning are going down to the lowest levels in years.

      4. Dividend will be cut because of low earnings and need to conserve capital.

      5. They are still mixed up with the government and TARP.

      6. The stock price will go to 12 or lower.

      7. When it comes to survival, BB&T will not care about the people who live partially on the dividend.

      Now, there is some fundamental analysis that you can take to the bank.

      • 1 Reply to hunter1473
      • 1. BB&T management is responding to the econony by cutting costs, collecting more depositis and increasing cash flow.
        2. BB&T commerical loans ar 60% or less than the price at whuich these assets sold.
        3. BB&T has been aggressive in reserving for losees thereby decreasing reported earnings
        4. You have no knowledge of what BB&T will do in regards to the dividend
        5. They are using TARP money effectively to increase earnings.
        6. You have now way of knowing where the price will go. My charts have been better than your GOYA method (Grabit Outta Yer Ass) method of analysis.
        7. BB&T will consider the needs of the company and shareholders in their decision process.

        8. You analysis is devoid of facts and is not analysis.
        9. You are an idiot
        10. Get a life or I will look up you past bad predictions and post them here.

        Care to try again moron.

    • Thanks Boater, I think most of the sincere, honest BB&T posters appreciate good rational info - - we are totally turned off by the negative, repetitive tripe that the bashers spew out. Keep up the good work !!!

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