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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jun 15, 2009 12:08 PM Flag

    S&P 500 LEVEL 923 in Play

    while your fearless leader inlet idiot is not making any money, funniebucket is making a fortune

    what do i have to do, hold you all by the hand?

    can anyone guess the next move?

    let's see if anyone has learned from over 6 months of my posting on what the next move to make money is to go do right now -- or are all the idiot inlet followers still sucking up to him like so he has to help them change their diapers

    will WAVE 2 pullback begin if we take out 923 -- this could get real good

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    • i am not touching BBT with a 10-foot pole

    • Sure you are great. I will eat my hat instead of popcorn if you do not get greens 24/7 including weekends.

      Dude, do you afraid me? Why you don't respond in my thread on those simple questions? And since when today you became long? Anyone who follows your brilliant trading advices closely, and i am not the first who looked at them in detail, remembers that
      1) you must get long when S&P hits 951 again.
      2) you stay short till S&P is below 923. OK, you might be sold today your short, but how come you are long, dude? Too good news? But you have said you do not trade on news! Enlighten me, i am a poor cretin, following your advice too precisely and loosing big time!!!!

      And our request to you tell us to go long before BBT is way up, OK?

    • isn't is incredibly freaky how great i am at trading the market? -- that last call took some pretty good size balls to pull that one off -- but i knew the entire time it was setting up and it was too obvious and to top it off, it made sense -- could they make this game any easier

      so what's next? -- well boys and girls, put on your party hats cuz we are going to keep the rally going unless the USDollar gets moving to the upside past the areas of resistance -- so stay with the trade long and could someone please pass the pretzels and popcorn, i wanna sit back and watch this one unfold into Late June Early July

    • U r really funny guy Funnie... this person did not asked you any questions, he just had hiw opinion, but you respond to something he did not asked. contrary, I asked the questions - you didn't respond. Anyway...

      You have talked to him about dollar resistance levels which were in the beginning of May. Any relationship to what i was asking you for?

      I will repeat a million dollar question: in which specific relationship dollar, commods and S&P have to be in your trading system which trigger some your specific actions? Why the hell i need May dolalr resistance level here? Are we on the Forex? Are we talking about day trading or futures and options trading?

      You also have described to him your vision of future market which i did not asked you too. You know why. Because that is pure speculation. I do not play on long-term market speculations, i don't know what will happen 24 hours from now. Are options involved here? How that relates to your levels to get long, to exit long, to get short, to exit short etc during the ***day market behavior*** ???

    • ok, is there where i am suppose to thank you for your opinion? -- ok, thanks a-hole

      you probably think i am an a-hole cuz i taunt those other people who would respond to my post with disrespect -- in that case, you would be right -- at least i can appreciate your point of view

      ok back to trading -- watch for the USDollar here, this is the main key to whether or not they buy this market -- please note the USDollar index bottomed at the mid-78s, but has resistance at the mid-82s to 84 area

      if the market rallies into end of june or early july area, then don't be shocked if we see a quick stock market dumping -- this could be the start of WAVE 2, cuz i do not think today's low was the pullback of WAVE 2 from 951 that we have been waiting for -- but if they do the pullback of WAVE 2 into the S&P 500 # i have previously listed on another post after the end of June early July time fame, then this will cause a catapult rally of WAVE 3 for all those fund managers that didn't buy the MARCH LOW of 667

      could you give me an example of some of my witty posts, this way i can find my mojo again

    • just read the other posting, if it doesn't explain it well enough, i'll be back and break it down in more detail

    • "i think you forgot about the beefy trade"

      i do not forget anything, i'm just analysing your words and relatively friendly asking you questions. They may look silly because it is how your strategy looks for many. May be it is in fact genius strategy but let's understand it first though nobody believes such beast exists. Also you have said nothing on how you exit the trade, and if said, nobody really trust because this look like you have said that after the fact looking at the chart. You know here nobody trust anything, don't take it personal.

      To demonstrate how all looks silly (in reality might be you just formulated it this way) just look here:

      " i make a huge gain on the short and reverse and get long for another monster size gain above 951"

      So now you will miss a week, two, a month or heck know how long waiting for S&P to be higher then 951 to make a long position?

      Just answer all my silly questions one by one. Or email me at yahoo dot com or get on skype/oovoo. In last case you can invite others there if you like

    • you used to have some witty posts, but now you are just an asshole

    • your interpretation of my posts are way off -- give up dude and don't trade

      and the volume means something, just like yesterday and today -- paired with a USDollar not rising at this time, that means you should cover short like i did on the opening hour and bag the profit from 923 breakdown and close it out at the 907 area -- a few reasons this has to be done, but explaining it to you is useless -- so i will state my reasons for others who are reading this and are just thankful they have someone to let them know what they can do at certain points along the market swings

      now for the true traders, today's open was not enough follow thru and no guts to this sell off, which means there is going to be some new entry longs in pieces that will probably support this market as it is this morning already showing us their hand

      let the market regain its footing and continue to watch the USDollar to see if it wrecks this idea -- Oil is down some, but not enough to prove the market should get slaughtered anymore -- we have also had a pretty good size chuck of a sell off from 951, so we are oversold on time and price in the extreme short-term

      i have gone back to a full long position despite we are below the 923 area and will let the institutions that missed the 667 buy point (which i called to perfection) and it will possibly allow for some more upward movement, but it is hard to tell if we will take out 951 again before we face the WAVE 2 Sell Off to a minimum target of 850 area and possibly around 800 area, and the just in case lower # is 775, but i doubt 775

      so now you are all prepared, except for Mr. confused who is reading different charts than i am to deliver his combative tearing apart of my thinking yet he offers no solution of his own -- yet i always turn out to be right, but we haven't seen any track record from him yet -- but i am happy for him cuz i bagged the short entry at 951 and covered at 907, which also keeps my track record fully intact -- that's gotta piss him off furiously

    • then who are you talking to here? Smarts don't need you, fools will not follow. What, are you just trolling or talking to himself?

      ok, i've tried to find out why nobody listens your highest wisdom and of course learn something.

      Are you aware that your respond is most typical for trolls when they have nothing to say?

      now i have unfortunately agree with hloseo and many others "you never give an actual prediction" and trying to ill-reasoning afterwards. Noticed this is exactly like all talking heads do?

      Your 951 was on lowest volume of the year is total nonsence. Then your 923 were on even lower.

      It actually was one of two largest in June despite since March volume generally goes steadily down and will be probably seasonally lower in summer if nothing bad happen. Don't trade then and post anything till september, ok?

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