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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jun 22, 2009 11:06 AM Flag

    S&P 500 903 Level Visit

    if you're watching the USDollar, there is no surprise why we are right back to the 903 Level

    this still leaves the End of Month and Beginning of Month Buying still on the table, so unless there start to get the USDollar with guts, stick with the long entry from 903 and defend it if necessary

    so far the USDollar is not in any serious rally mode and this still leaves the door open for the rally expected -- but if the Dollar rallies toward the resistance zone, then the S&P 500 can make its way back toward the 850 area -- and if it does, this might be labeled as the WAVE 2 Pullback before the Launch of WAVE 3 Rally -- but somehow after looking at the trading today it looks more likely to be just some slop and chop bottom they are setting up into the next couple week rally, which means this may be the 2nd chance long entry -- but be very careful, they are trying to take this thing under 900 and if it sticks and closes below 903, then we might have to go rethink our thinking

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    • Do i have to repeat to you I do not predict the market?
      Have you predicted the Great Recession?
      Then shutup too.

      Again, you forgot to answer my questions?
      My English again sucks for you?

      You don't care that by not showing how you trade u say to
      everyone in plain English that you are a troll and loser ?

      OOps you have no shame...

      I'll repeat that if you're bragging like if there is no tomorrow
      then at some point you have to show everyone how you trade.
      (on these 10000 fiction shares or showing someone your real balanse)
      That's obvious like 2 x 2

      I do not see anyone reads you either, no one responds, no one cares, and mainly no one asks anything or try to argue. They probably see somehow who you are. Probably they feel a troll by his language. For me that's not easy so I found this only after analysing your flow of nonsense during last couple weeks.

      Don't post your garbage market "analysis" in responds to me, ok?
      Get paid from someone else.

    • we hit 921 1/2 on the S&P 500, i was calling for 923, i think that's a gimme putt

      rright, don't you just hate the way i call the market with such ease? -- call me whatever you like, if there is money in it for me, you can call me anything you want -- i have no shame -- i am just a troll -- remember, it's nothing personal -- for a guy that takes nothing personal, you sure do take it personally

      now that that is settled, let's talk trading to the real traders -- the energy market has made a turn for the better here, it was very oversold on the short-term basis and i specifically recommended energy to get involved in for the month-end rally -- now the question becomes what will we see next

      i do not see a new high over the 951 area being taken out on this go around, i think we will break below 888 after we finish the rally into July 4th -- so if the market falls any, you can safely buy the pullbacks because the market should at least hold up over 900

      and now i give the microphone to rright, who is going to make his first prediction ever

    • You, teenager FakedBuffett, watch your language. You want me to say in Russian who you are? Forgot that mentioning opponent's English classifies you as classic troll?

      "Forgot" again my questions? My English is too bad for you?

      Remember, until you accepted this game which really shows us here who you are - you are just a troll. The exact timing and other real trading skills are more important then all anyone's words litter

      Otherwise when i looked further over this day messages as usual you were great in your flow of @#$%^. Real genius of deception.
      How about recommending you to CNBC talking heads after cleaning your language?
      Imagine if you marry Maria Bartiromo what the kids will be ?!

    • again, fast stochies bottomed out with RSI dead center meant re-enter for another small day trade, but i did not take it this time -- have enough on the long side as it is -- looks like we made it back to my suggested 923 area

      and a quick check at a glance of the USDollar tells us the move was not to be interrupted just yet

    • has anyone out there become a believer that this guy FunnieBucket is that good? it's amazing how good this guy is, he is always right

      USDollar fully cooperated again, had a slight mild strong start of day and faded off which allowed a stock market rally once again -- not to mention the fabulous call by FunnieBucket on the month-end buying that is going on

      if you bought the pullback this the past 3 days that i have been saying is setting up, and i gave you all plenty of time to buy that pullback, and i repeated it several times to get in at 903 and 888 area, then you are sitting pretty once again with low priced location

      for day traders, we dumped the 908 area and fast stochies bottomed and RSI went mid-stream and turned, it was time to step back into the LONG and here you are with another day trade winner -- get ready to dump it because we all know they topping out the 15-mins bar real soon and month-end buying is not continuous, so they always buy them in patches and then let it pause before they find another pullback to put in the rest of their money

      great day going here, keep on it

      i am yanking the day trade long here at 917

    • i have been so perfect the S&P 500, and this has got to be pissing off so many posters that want to prove me wrong that they are salivating for my first screw up -- relax, that won't happen, if you wait for a screw up from me, you will only torture yourself -- i am on top of the game

      i go out on a limb and make predictions that no one else would do, i got balls, and the ones that criticize me should grow a pair -- luckily, i don't need approval from anyone, cuz my bank account is plenty of an approval rating

      now listen up closely, this trading area is going to get real tricky cuz if there is any news that can upset the balance of power on the trading #s or areas or time frames that i previously posted, then all bets are off and if it's bad news, then get short and hang on for the WAVE 2 Pullback, but if they produce some extrodinary news that can make this market explode, then do not get short, stay long, and wait for the WAVE 1 TOP OUT before getting short

      day traders, the market topped out at over 908, that was the first hour exit -- see you at the next trade

    • You got your name right because you are too funny.

    • FunnieBucket, you are just unbelievable at this game, are you a genius? you are inhuman, you are not from here, you are infallible, we all want to be like you, can i buy you lunch, do you have a star on the hollywood walk of fame

      today's trade was just too easy and a pure gift, buying the pullback was the right move, one that only a russian would miss cuz he is too busy trying to understand trader talk

      that moron on CNBC this morning said we are going down to 800, and i laughed and thought he's a little early, but he will eventually be right, just not yet, cuz we are going up into month-end and into July 4th if the USDollar cooperates, and so far it has -- but after July 4th, i will use any strength to get short for the WAVE 2 Pullback toward 800-775 area

      today, day trades for me include energy industrials commods and tech -- all did great -- as usual funniebucket did great

      these are the few areas i would most likely stay away from on the short entry when the crash happens -- someone mentioned to short industrials, that may be correct, it may not, but since i am not sure on that sector, i will stay with what i know will work and he named the rest of the areas that will get severely hurt when the market crashes -- i have to go find that post, that guy will be right

    • if the USDollar gets legs here, watch out, we could see 850 area, but if it stays tamed, then they are setting up the month-end buying

      despite all of those who think this market is about to correct some back toward 800 area, the market has held the 903-888 level nicely and buying any pullback still seems to be the right way to go -- so far this morning that has proven profitable, but some of those trades should surely be day trades to lock in some profits -- always be nimble and continue to employ the thinking i have told you all and you should come out in fine shape

    • find my post that says to buy BBT

      you're full of Sh1t, that's english for you're full of sh1t

      you shouldn't day or swing trade, it's too dangerous for you

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