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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Aug 1, 2009 2:58 AM Flag

    One-Leg Down One-Leg Up

    what a fantastic call funniebucket, you called it beautifully, i bought the falling stock market that morning after your post cuz you said it wouldn't fall until after the month-end and month-start buying process was finished and that you also said that the recovery off of any sell-offs would be expected, and it did and i made a fortune -- thanks funniebucket, you are our hero -- and that big move up was a bonus for me cuz i listened to you -- all because you said that it couldn't fall just yet, so i stayed long and made some really good extra cash -- and today, again, all i did was buy any weakness after that large day yesterday, so today's move wasn't expected to be large, so i made it a day trader's day, and it worked out great for me -- i don't know how you did it funniebucket, but you are really something

    funniebucket, you said that we would top-out from the move into the month-end and month-start buying and to get short for a pullback toward the 956-923 area, so do you think it will still happen and do you have any S&P 500 LEVEL Top-Out #s to expect a turn-point? -- i would really appreciate it, cuz your insight is the best i have ever seen in decades, you are making me so much money -- i had to ask you cuz not only do i want to make more money, but i haven't seen you in the past couple days -- thanks in advance and you are the super coolest

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    • yes, i am glad you are making tons, and i bet your getting laid too

      i bet everyone is on pins and needles wondering what i am going to do with the S&P 500 here and what i expect it to do -- well, since everyone knows me so well here, and most of the longs think i am a farce like BBT, maybe they can guess what i am going to do next -- after all, i have only hinted so many times on this message thread what to expect, do i need to say it again?

      everyone is holding their breath waiting for my next S&P 500 turn point # -- and believe me, so am i, and i am going to use it -- but this time i will not disclose it, cuz every long on this board says i am clueless, cuz they are pissed off, and yet they know i have been repeatedly saying don't touch BBT and stay long the market and play S&P 500 turn points -- and i have been right, and they have a hard time admitting it -- sometimes it hurts the ego to admit when someone else is right -- but i learned that years ago, and that has made me brilliant

      can anyone guess the next S&P 500 turn point #? -- let's see if any of you have learned anything

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