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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jul 28, 2009 2:54 AM Flag

    One-Leg Down One-Leg Up

    S&P 500 LEVEL is about to go thru some movement, but the larger moves will be after the Month-Start-Buying period burns itself out and we will go back to the 956-923 area -- due to Month-End-Buying process, seeing the market hold up or recover off of sell-offs will be completely expected, unless there is significant news that changes that thinking

    but after it reclaims the 956-923 area, look for a new high on the market, and this one is going come from the ones that missed that last move up over 973, so they won't want to be left out, so they will buy it, thinking they got a second chance to get in from where they thought was a sell-point-possible-top-out-area, and even i said it was suppose to turn there, but i am smart enough to read the tape and see that is not happening and so jumping back onto the long was the right play and closing out the short for break-even or small profit was of no damage -- i clearly stated so before the moves, so if you followed my short suggestion, and then made the chance based on my adjustment S&P 500 postings, you are sitting real pretty making tons of dough once again

    i think they might even bump my salary a nickel above minimum wage this year after working here for over 25 years -- i wonder if they think i am worth it -- one can only hope so

    and so the money making funniebucket machine rolls on without any interruptions of printing dough off the press and right into the bank -- this has got to be pissing off all the people just dying on their last gasp breath to see me make just one mini-minor-infantile mistake -- they must be so depressed that they can't catch me in a single wrong yet -- i can hear they thinking it now, how come this guy funniebucket doesn't screw up just one time

    but folks, if you are not guarding your longs before a massive crash this entire way up, then you are going to waste your entire work of trading year for nothing -- i don't know exactly when the crash will happen, i have an idea on the level, but i need to see it approach and unfold so i can try to post it when it happens -- cuz you know i don't want to be wrong, but i will post it before it actually takes place -- then the non-believers will then say this guy funniebucket is the king of trading

    i wonder if BBT is above 22 yet

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    • You're paid barely above minimum wage? At BB&T? What's the problem? Are those crazy Ayn Randians at the top also that cheap and inconsiderate and so lacking any empathy? That's what happens when you believe you're a "Superman" above the rest: you become capable of doing disgusting, inhuman deeds and massively deceiving yourself about it.

    • Yes, it's 22 + 3.82. Wrong again huh?

    • what a fantastic call funniebucket, you called it beautifully, i bought the falling stock market that morning after your post cuz you said it wouldn't fall until after the month-end and month-start buying process was finished and that you also said that the recovery off of any sell-offs would be expected, and it did and i made a fortune -- thanks funniebucket, you are our hero -- and that big move up was a bonus for me cuz i listened to you -- all because you said that it couldn't fall just yet, so i stayed long and made some really good extra cash -- and today, again, all i did was buy any weakness after that large day yesterday, so today's move wasn't expected to be large, so i made it a day trader's day, and it worked out great for me -- i don't know how you did it funniebucket, but you are really something

      funniebucket, you said that we would top-out from the move into the month-end and month-start buying and to get short for a pullback toward the 956-923 area, so do you think it will still happen and do you have any S&P 500 LEVEL Top-Out #s to expect a turn-point? -- i would really appreciate it, cuz your insight is the best i have ever seen in decades, you are making me so much money -- i had to ask you cuz not only do i want to make more money, but i haven't seen you in the past couple days -- thanks in advance and you are the super coolest

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      • yes, i am glad you are making tons, and i bet your getting laid too

        i bet everyone is on pins and needles wondering what i am going to do with the S&P 500 here and what i expect it to do -- well, since everyone knows me so well here, and most of the longs think i am a farce like BBT, maybe they can guess what i am going to do next -- after all, i have only hinted so many times on this message thread what to expect, do i need to say it again?

        everyone is holding their breath waiting for my next S&P 500 turn point # -- and believe me, so am i, and i am going to use it -- but this time i will not disclose it, cuz every long on this board says i am clueless, cuz they are pissed off, and yet they know i have been repeatedly saying don't touch BBT and stay long the market and play S&P 500 turn points -- and i have been right, and they have a hard time admitting it -- sometimes it hurts the ego to admit when someone else is right -- but i learned that years ago, and that has made me brilliant

        can anyone guess the next S&P 500 turn point #? -- let's see if any of you have learned anything

    • please note that on a previous post i had a typo on the possible higher high area -- is not 1224-1136, but rather the 1224-1236

      on the severe short-term trading picture, the part that is hardest to predict is if it will go to 1121-1134 before or after a pullback of any kind takes place -- and the odds favor slightly that it will pullback before it can go to 1121-1134 area, but those odds are barely over a 50/50 chance, maybe 67/33 at best and that is pressing the bet too hard -- so don't count on the pullback as a good possibility, cuz it could do the no pullback scenario and reach 1121-1134 before any kind of significant pullback, but i am not betting on that idea -- at this point i am leaning toward the pullback first, then the new high -- now, what makes this case more of a chance of happening is that no matter where we are on the S&P 500 LEVEL, going into SEPT/OCT will not be pretty -- this may give us the pullback we need in order to set that new high area into 1121-1134 -- but what if we go to 1121-1134 before the SEPT/OCT ugly time frame -- then we would have not had the pullback, then enter SEPT/OCT, possibly have the significant turn point high level achieved, go lower or at least hold steady for a while, then set the last move higher into the 1224-1236+ area -- then it can crash from there -- but that doesn't mean the crash would only start from the top of the 1224-1236+ area, cuz it could begin at the 1121-1134 area too -- so we trade the reaction upon how it gets there as this will tell us the whole story from which level it tops out and how far down the road it can take place on time frame, as well as how deep the smash will go on its extreme level -- but if i am seeing it correctly, and so far i have been seeing it correctly, i'd say we are seriously doomed and will reach the DOW 4,500 LEVEL or the equating LEVEL of the S&P 500 to go under 500 -- and there is no time frame that can be approximately attached until we see it unfold into the achievement levels for those turn points

      this may sound confusing, but it's not if you write it down on a chart and draw in all the possible patterns on fresh new graph grids each time you use a possible quantitative method

      now, if you are a long-term investor, the only thing you need to know is to SELL each time you see high levels, cuz the commercial real estate market is going to crash and drag everything down with it -- but the intermediate-term will get another chance to buy at that extreme low -- intermediate-term is 12-18 months -- long-term is the 5-10year+ holder -- short-term is anywhere from 30 mins to 6 months -- that's me, the short-term trader with a few intermediate-term positions

    • as i said before, the market should hold up due to the month-end buying despite the overbought condition we are in at the present time -- i made a good amount of money on the recovery trade today

      we are in the middle of the one-leg up move, and i already explained the hurdles that we face to get to the higher level, but when that level is achieved, we will then begin a new message thread that will deal with the possible new high well above the one-leg up high

      stay tuned

    • ok funniebucket, you were right, you have been saying this the longest time and it is truly impressive how great you trade that move to near perfection, you are the genius, and we did make it to the S&P 500 LEVEL 1099-1121 area as you said it would -- this terminates the thread of One-Leg Down and One-Leg Up as the end of One-Leg Up was the 1121 area

      the 1121 turn point is here, it is temporary, and we will see how much of a sell off we get from here and then we will be able to assess the next move -- although i would not expect a giant sell-off from here, i wouldn't be buying stock either -- the only longs that should be holding only 67% of the purchase they made from the MARCH 2009 LOW that i called to the exact # should be held for the higher #s that will eventually be coming

      look for the next message thread titled Some Weakness Here @ 1121

      funniebucket, can i get a picture of my son and you together? he is your hero

    • if you didn't buy a leverage set of calls on the REITs or the S&P 500 for the upside move that was clearly about to take place when the S&P 500 was around 1002 in the first hour of trading, then you should not be trading the markets, cuz that was a pure gift -- i made a fortune, as usual

      now, if you were paying attention, and you saw the inverse relationships still working like OIL GOLD USDollar, then you knew to get short for a day trade or swing trade pullback that is most likely going to happen -- i specifically said to watch out for the S&P 500 LEVEL 1010-1015 Area as a turn point to reverse and go down, and it did, so we banked more money on that move -- now, the trick is, do you hold the short for the pullback back below 1,000 heading back to a maximum bottom of 923-956 area, cuz we know if it does go that low, we are a buyer of the market because the market is going up another 10-12% from the highs we just achieved recently -- so even if you are not short for the possible pullback, you know if we get that low that your next move is to buy it and hold onto it without letting it go until we have this next huge move run up that will face very little chance of a pullback once that move to the upside already starts -- this is going to be another gift trade, so get ready and don't wimp out

      watch the USDollar GOLD and OIL, it's going to be your indicator check to see which decision you should make, or to help you adjust your trade accordingly

    • I'm not funnie, but... I don't think we've seen market lows and I don't think we will make new highs for maybe another decade. Everyone is trying to make things look good to keep people spending, but it's not good at all. Our real economy is being covered over with unprecedented government spending and money making. Income statements and balance sheets of our financial institutions are being manipulated by new rules allowing them to look much better than they are. And the haves continue to maintain fighting between the have nots so they can continue gut the country and move assets offshore.

    • this short squeeze is so ridiculously obvious -- but there is no telling what level of the S&P 500 that they will reverse off of after they are done with this short squeeze -- now everyone is jumping on the long because the expected sell-off prior to the short squeeze didn't happen, and because we didn't get the sell-off when everyone was planning on it, the idea of running up is starting to grab hold the attention of the investors who feel they were left behind from not buying the MARCH LOW, so the crowd is now geared up in buy mode, but let me assure you on this short squeeze up that buying will surely exhaust itself at the wrong time -- therefore, look for a pullback to start sometime soon, around mid-SEPT would work into the pattern as acceptable, or they could start it early, but they could delay is some, but not for long -- there is no way i would buy anything at this time -- only the purest ammeter would buy stock after this run up from MARCH LOW without at least a 100 point S&P 500 correction from this large of level gain off the v-shape low of 667

      could we take out 1038 before they begin the sell-off? i really don't know -- and if i say i don't know, then no one would know -- if you're buying at this level, you are playing with fire -- best save your new long entry from a lower level, be patient, it's a comin'

    • the short squeeze continues -- where she stops, nobody knows!

      there is a gap area open at 1099-1121, but we have to take out 1044 before we can attempt that zone -- if they turn it off of 1044 and begin the sell-off, it wouldn't shock me

      because there is no way to know what turn point the S&P 500 LEVEL will be for the exhaustion of the short squeeze, it is best to abandon the typical play of trying to reversal off the turn points and let the index begin to travel lower and then pile on the short at that time, this way you are assured of making money -- but it will be back to business as usual when we try to play the reversal off the short and go back into the long by using a turn point # -- til then, be scaling out of longs, and wait to go short -- each leg higher gives you the advantage to sell the longs at levels you probably didn't expect when we were once at 667 back in MARCH

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