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  • blackcayenne2003 blackcayenne2003 Jul 30, 2009 3:39 PM Flag


    Us stockholders deserve it!

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    • How can they do that?

    • While we'd all like to see the dividend back at its previous level (or higher), and eventually that's likely to happen, I don't think BB&T can afford to pay more than the reduced dividend at this time. Their recent earnings do not justify anything above what they're currently paying. I think they're going to get some opportunities to absorb business from some of the smaller players out there as they fail, and that's a better long term use for their cash flow than paying out a bigger dividend. They're also likely going to have some issues with Commercial Real Estate loans to contend with going forward, so holding on to cash is probably a good move, at least for now....

      It's hard to be patient when a company lays a big dividend reduction on you, but I think this is a long term winner, so I'll stick with it.


    • Funnie Bucket said:

      "the company itself doesn't even know the value of what's in its loan portfolio, and you trust what the company #s they are pumping out to you"

      I guarantee you that the bank has a much better handle of the value in their loan portfolio compared to Funnie Bucket's grasp of macro/micro economics.

    • well, look who has showed up, the guy that wasn't anywhere to be found when BBT stock price was at the crash level of 13 -- but your company and you have such a good handle on BBT

      nice to see you show up on another day that BBT has not rallied with the rest of the S&P 500 -- but you should be getting used to this by now

      you gotta stop making excuses for lack of performance on BBT -- it's embarrassing

    • Although Norm seems to have a following, his posts appear to be worthless somewhat like your short term projections on the market. You do however seem to have a good handle on the macro economic trends and that's what will make or break your accumulation of assets. I sold the FCX and BHP I bought a few months back. That's the fourth roundtrip in those two stocks. I continue to hold GE, PFE, JNJ, ABT, LLY, BP and BRE. I now however have well over 50% cash in my brokerage accounts.

      I don't know how long the trillions in stimulus will last, but I wouldn't want to have large positions in anything but cash when the dam breaks. Good luck.

    • not sure how you can say that, i've disclosed my approach to the trade and it's been very clear to understand -- not to mention that your sell orders that you just filled today also fit right in line with my short-term prediction -- i said in the message thread named 'one leg down one leg up' that energy was showing a topping pattern for the short-term -- the nasdaq is in the same shoes

      you bailed in your commod/energy trades on this fourth go around, and i have done the same -- i am scaling out and hedging longs and leaning short each step we go higher into the key S&P 500 # area -- i think you've done a great job -- maybe you're misunderstanding the way i say the anticipation moves of the S&P 500 -- every post has worked out for me and i traded it exactly the way i said i would, and the trading profits keeps flowing

    • I'm saying I don't understand your explination of how you trade, and yes it could just be me. I do however understand and agree with your general ideas on the near, intermediate and long term problems our country faces and how to deal with them from an individual investors point of view. Good luck.

    • ok, let's try a different approach to the explanation, because i think you have the big picture figured out very well -- i think you are not only able to hang onto your assets, but probably make them much larger than the averages -- you have the big picture figured out

      i get the idea that you shape the trades around you macro economics somewhat similar to the way i do it, thus rarely get burned by not being on the eventual wrong side of the trade

      so the only thing left to trade is the S&P 500 turn points -- which is one of the hardest feats to pull off routinely -- do you really want to trade that?

    • I'm happy making swing trades from weeks to many months, but I'm always willing to learn new ideas. I just thought it might be nice to understand what you're doing even if I don't use it. I've given that up, but eventhough I agree with you and will support you on your macro economic views, I won't give you a pass on your trading ideas which I can't seem to understand. I'll continue to question your results until I can see the proof of them for myself.

      Either way, it makes no difference. If you are making all that money trading then good for you. If you aren't but still see the overall picture, you will avoid financial distruction which is also good for you. Good luck.

    • Don't be fussin' with The Bucket. He's made his trades crystal clear. He buys when the market is down and sells when it's up. And tells us about it later.

      Bucket is a Master of the Universe.

      He dates super models, owns racehorses and sports franchises. And like alot of very successful businessmen and big time traders, he hangs out on Yahoo boards.

      This is, of course, is where the rich and famous mingle.

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