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  • lcbco lcbco Sep 21, 2009 11:32 AM Flag

    BB&T Bank Fraud Charges Coming N.C.

    I'm sorry your mother has such problem, but you have misplaced your anger. There is not fraud here and there is no moral issue. Most of all it is a communication problem. All banks AUTOMATICALLY charge the overdraft fees whether it is $10 or $1 Million. You may have gotten a misinformed employee, but all banks would refund that many charges on a $10 overdraft, but if it keeps up they would also ask you to close the account. Big bank, small bank, or Charles Schumer would handle it properly. Good luck.

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    • thomaswarbucks Sep 25, 2009 7:30 PM Flag

      She made two deposits that were held for no reason. Both were in cash, BB&T when they see charges not yet posted witholds your deposits to time those charges so that they can then charge overdraft fees. Not only are they doing that, they are compounding the charges by charging FOR the overdraft fee when funds to cover each $70.00 fee per item presented they charge an ADDITIONAL $35.00 fee. It is extortion, fraud and theft on a grand scale and punishable under RICO FEDERAL LAW.
      For all the BBT shareholders you can forget ever getting that money and we have been advising our customers, friends and church members that BBT is run by criminals.

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      • A great deal of what you are reporting here is inaccurate. Check your facts.

        Curious: when you advise folks that BB&T is "run by criminals" are you also advising them that your Mom can't balance her checkbook?

        Just wondering if you are giving them both sides of the story; I think we are only hearing one side.

      • As many people have explained here, there are MANY things your mother could have done to avoid getting all these fees.
        I have been a banker for 7 years now and I have to say, whoever is saying that banks try to get people to overdraft has no clue about anything. Bnaks hate when people overdraft because then they have the issue of chargeoffs and thats no fun. Good banks make their money off of people using their debit cards. Visa pays the bank for the transactions.
        But I have to say, this never gets old. I can't tell you how many times people who are not responsible enough to balance their check book and then overdraft and then blame the bank.
        All fees and conditions are handed to a person before they sign for the account. Its called CYA.
        I have people threaten to close their account, call their lawyer, tell their friends, work, etc. The funniest part is 2 weeks later after all the huffing and puffing, they still have the account there, none of the friends left and you look really stupid.
        And please dont throw the Church in this. Asking the Church to not assist the bank employees? Really? Yeah thats very religious of you. The employees dont make the rules, they just do what they are told to provide money for their families.
        But of all the complaints I have ever seen, I have to say Thomas, you make me SICK. Grow up

      • thomaswarbu....your statement about "2 cash deposits being held" is simply deposits receive sameday account credit......all account holders should know it is illegal to draw a check for any funds from any bank account where the funds are not currently on deposit...thats before the check is ever written......its a banking law and has been since the banking laws were changed in 1933....checking accounts are not for everyone...consider postal money orders (there are no free lunches anymore or free hats, pens, flashlites, key chains, etc...SO TEARUP THE CHECKS & CLOSE THE ACCOUNT THEN DEAL IN CASH!!!!PS: THE MEMBERS OF YOUR CHURCH KNOW THE SCORE AND A LAUGHING BEHIND YOUR BACK!!!!

      • dummutha Sep 28, 2009 6:26 AM Flag

        I never worked there and am sorry about your mother. Whenever I deposit cash at BB&T I tell the teller that I want immediate credit. Tellers make mistakes like everyone else. Hope your mother has a source of income such as social security. She needs a small bank to help her with her money. BB&T has gotten too big and greedy like all the other big guys that got taxpayer dollars in the form of TARP!

    • AP article on issue du jour:

      Where will banks make up lost overdraft fees?

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