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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Sep 29, 2009 1:04 PM Flag

    BB&T Bank Fraud Charges Coming N.C.

    the overdraft fees are just another tiny glimmer of hope to make up for the disaster created by the banks

    the reserves are still a mess at many of the banks despite what some of the other posters are saying that they are well reserved even with the increase in reserves as their past stunt -- all banks are presently well reserved until the trillions get terminated as their temporary life line -- until then, banks will be able to hide their mess that they created, using temporary accounting rule changes that the gov't handed them out of desperation as the taxpayer conveniently foots the bill -- as if this will all fix the entire derivative meltdown by letting everyone reprice their assets as banks write-off all the losses and use the tax credits to help improve their earnings, but eventually the losses will have to be realized while the investors and taxpayers are the losers -- but once the taxpayer doesn't have the money anymore, then the consumer spending stops at the mall, causing a flood of mall owners lowering rents, giving up on the gimmicks they are presently providing the renters, and a commercial real estate market crash will go full steam ahead -- thanks to our precious banking system we will wonder if anyone is going to buy our debt, but i am sure any nation that buys or holds our debt is in the process of feverishly figuring out how to not just discontinue buying our long-term debt, but sell it too

    we are french fried flucked

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