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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Mar 10, 2010 6:13 PM Flag

    next stop $30+

    So much to do. Let us stop electing idiots and criminals to govern us.

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    • we do have a libertarian heritage, unfortunately much of the more recent immigration to usa is more of the handout type (free house, medical, education etc) than the "I want to create opportunity in land of freedom" type.

      so, in a way the lefties have already won, they encourage the handout country and redistribution of taxpayers earnings, they now will control healthcare distribution (meaning only senator lautenberg and company gets to have a chance at the best med in the world) also unions, teachers, etc.

      but maybe some of the lefties can be dumped in november IF some remain that remember what the fight hundreds of years ago for FREEDOM FROM government was all about.

    • That's the first step!

      In November, I'm a NObama man, which means vote out all the Democratic Socialists!

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      • Yes, it's just a pity W can't run again, he left the economy in such great shape ... it's just amazing how the Democrats could take a solid, healthy economy and destroy it in a matter of months ... oh wait ...

        My friends, anyone who thinks the problems are related to one party vs. another ... isn't thinking. It's boiled down to the ruling elite of a corporatocracy/kleptocracy vs. the American public.

        Perhaps America is resilient enough to heal itself despite the damage the government is doing (and has done for years), I hope so. If not, there are very few stocks that will thrive. Unfortunately, including BB&T. But we have some time to run before the fat lady arrives on stage.

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