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  • JerriMcGuire JerriMcGuire Mar 10, 2010 3:06 PM Flag

    next stop $30+

    with profits soaring we will soon take out $30 and climb back to our old highs

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    • $30+Turns out to be an insightful call Jerri. Can't believe how strongly it has held above 30 once crossing it. Positive earnings on April 24 could prove your second prediction of returning to old highs right on as well. Way to go man!

    • dummutha Mar 17, 2010 10:24 AM Flag

      Real problem is no one knows what to do. They are all acting like a bunch of immature babies while our Nation and stock market are at risk.

    • This week has certainly been your week, Jerri!

      BBT looks ready to push into the $32 range.

    • Take off your rose-colored political glasses!

      The Democrats are NOT saving the country!

      The big banks have their fingers crossed that the truth about the crap on their books doesn't leak out before the consumer is back on his feet financially. However, unemployment is up and stalled around 10%; consumer income has taken a hit, increasing the default risk on consumer debt. Housing is still a mess, with the best case being only that things have generally stopped getting worse in recent months.

      Federal deficits are through the roof! Most states are in a financial bind, with several in serious trouble.

      At least Greece seems to be trying to get its financial house in order; the U.S. is not!

      The political hacks in Washington are busy trying to grab power, headlines and votes with "reforms" that are ill-conceived and totally unaffordable. The stimulus plans haven't stimulated much. The financial reformers haven't fixed anything. Our Leader hasn't delivered anything .... except for some teleprompter pep rally speeches.

      We are at that point in the story of the Titanic where the Captain has appealed for calm, the musicians are playing, and most passengers think the situation has stabilized.

      Is our story going to end differently? NOT at current course and speed!

    • If the Republicans were running the country, most of the population would be facing poverty. Thanks to the Democrats for stimulating the economy and saving the country from the Republicans that were destroying our economy and the reputation of the country.

    • Au contraire, mon ami!

      See my post of March 10, 4:41 pm.

      The number one problem facing this country is stimulating hiring and reviving the economy without bankrupting the country in the process.

      And IF we don't fix this fundamental problem soon, then this great country will suffer a horrible economic collapse ..... and the banks, including BBT, and the U.S. Dollar will be worthless!

      The Democrats don't have a CLUE how to fix it!!!

      We desperately NEED NEW LEGISLATORS that DO!

    • Way off topic to BBT stock, so only one short reply. You need to re-read my post. I am not pro democratic party and the healthcare debacle is beyond tragic. But there are plenty of examples on the "other side of the aisle" as well that we are living with today.

      But as long as we are focused only on shuffling the democrat/republican deck chairs on the Titanic, we will not see the larger issue. There is a third option, but most people think in binary, which is exactly what is going on when folks try to debate which part of the political spectrum is "at fault" for the economic mess.

    • The pattern continues, looks like a fool on his errands.

    • I don't think ANY stocks are going to be SOARING back to old highs this year!

      IF the economy is beginning to stabilize and
      IF unemployment begins to decline and
      IF the real estate markets (residential and commercial) begin to climb back
      THEN the banks will be able to lower their additions to reserves and profits will bounce back.

      BBT is as well positioned as any bank to see profits bounce back nicely when the economy begins to recover.

      BUT there are a LOT of BUMPS in the road ahead! First and foremost, we have to get the Federal government's spending and deficits under tight control! And several large states need to find a way to fix their bloated government employees pension plans!

      There's SO MUCH to do .... and really not much time left in which to get it done!!!

      So meanwhile, I'd be very happy if BBT could establish a new basing point just over the $30 mark.

    • Stil Spoor said that in 2008.....he ws wrong and so are you. Yes we will recover to the highs, but not this year my friend.

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