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  • ayscuew ayscuew Oct 21, 2010 5:58 PM Flag

    Here's where we are!

    Kelly King was on CNBC today after the market close. Said that everything is going to be just fine after the elections. He just doesn't represent BB&T very well.
    Now nobank and finnie jump out every time the stock drops a dime. Put them on "ignore". They own no stocks that sell for more than 10 cents and disrupt at least 100 boards (that I know about).
    Would not buy BB&T yet even though I think that it is the best value of any bank in the country.

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    • Kelly King is not slick...he is not a fox like many of the other banker preidents. He may not present well, but he sure is good at running a bank and making a profit. If you just look at the numbers, you would buying this stock at these incredibly low prices. Too bad others are looking for a slick personality with a slick presentation. Kelly King is a no nonsense kind of guy.

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      • Prove it:

        -Answer questions until there are no more, like JA did. CC gets shorter and shorter and more contrived seemingly by the quarter.

        BBT is so beholden to CFO speak granular analytics (if you can call what Bible does "speaking") that there is no "there" there.

        Lead, BBT-show us how you are better than all the scared to death, talk out of both sides of their mouths bankers who are holding too much real estate. Show us how Alabama and Texas and Florida are going to THRIVE, not just limp along. Show us that JA picked good successors. WE the shareholders have come to expect it, you the highly paid leaders need to deliver. Otherwise this is just another so so investment with no proprietary advantage and overpaid leaders....

        Over and out-

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