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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Feb 7, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    Just a thought.

    How do we non-union members justify electing gov't officials that opt to allow gov't employees to unionize and negotiate high wages and benefits that we the low paying and low benefits non-union members must pay?
    Think about it. The only just thing would be for gov't to mandate that all employers must pay the same rate as the gov't employees make.
    Something bad wrong with the system.

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    • We must be indiots. We elect I think bigger idiots to govern us.
      Have you thought about taxes? Do you realize there are many Americans that are on fixed incomes or very low income? We raise the taxes on these people to give to the people that have more.
      Ex. Real estate taxes are going up to pay for the county's increased payroll police, firemen, library, teachers etc.
      Doesn't make sense.

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      • Very interesting perspective. I completely disagree with you. Out here in the country it is the large property holders (read that as 'rich') who want to keep property taxes low. To the extent that low income folks think about it they prefer higher property taxes and lower sales taxes. That sometimes gets lost in the noise to generally lower taxes. Florida and many Virginia counties offer exemptions on the first increment of property valuation, exempting $25,000 or more from the tax. These gov't sometimes even grant further exemptions to senior citizens. I generally think property taxes are the 'best' type of taxation. Before I am accused of being a socialist, I think ALL taxes should be lower. I think we are seriously overtaxed.

    • The union efforts to organize and sustain membership are vastly more efficient than the 'PRODUCT' generated by it's members.
      Something VERY, VERY, WRONG with this picture.

    • The unions organize their lobbying efforts, government employees perhaps even more effectively than private sector.

      That aspect of the system will change when taxpayer unions start doing a better job than the worker unions.

      Until then, most elected officials are frequently discussed in the news for the impact the unions have on their reelection which is always Priority # 1!

      Just stating the obvious, but while we cannot do anything about the weather the taxpayer revolt HAS been done, remember Prop 13 in California years ago?

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