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  • jcbrowns jcbrowns Feb 9, 2011 11:42 PM Flag

    Have you ever considered ...

    The best approach to begin cutting government expenditures is to revise our Constitution to decrease the number of elected Representatives to 50% or less of the number now in thee House of Representatives and decrease the numbers of Senators to just one per state. That would be a great beginning effort to cut government expenses.

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    • You are on the right track, but way off the target. After listening to the behavior of congress and the president for the past 2 year, all we need is the leadership.
      Consider the HC bill, the leadership told all of the delegates how to vote, that it was not necessary for them to know what was in the bill, they could find out later. In recent years this is the way it is done in DC and in state legislatures. (As was stated by one state delegate.)
      We are idiots to believe we are electing representative at an average cost of $1,500,000/yr each when they do nothing and what is worse they have no ideas of what is going on.
      The screwballs pass laws that do more harm than good. Then hire hundreds to enforce them. Exception: They will not enforce their own laws on illegal immigration.

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