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  • morehatthancattle morehatthancattle Apr 21, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    Kelly the King and Shareholder Value(?)

    Somebody please show me what Kelly King has done to earn his "$10 million a year +" pay package. It's not in the share price. It's not in the dividend checks. It's not in the great deals he's done. It's not in the market share he's creating by bold vision in a time of stress. It's not in the number of relationship-sealing deals he's done with developers in the OREO portfolio.

    Maybe he's proud that he has a BBT logo on a NASCAR, for however many million dollars a year?

    This dog can't hunt, and the lead dog needs to be put down.

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    • Man, what are you talking about. KKing is a shareholder. Look at your proxy statement and it's obvious that he has held on to a lot of his stock options and stock grants. Vision? This man has a vision. He can see a time of reintermediation where all of the money in money market funds and bond funds will be returned to bank deposits and banking will again become a relationship business where the winners will be the ones with the most branches with drive-up windows. If this isn't a vision of the future, I don't know what is. Sometimes it takes a while for visions to become reality. Be patient, you will be banking with George Bailey again one day.

    • Stop and think about it. Common stock holders are supposedly the owners of a company, I sometimes wonder, it only makes sense to me if the B of D's, CEO and other mgt get x% increases in salary and benefits the common share holders (CSH) should be getting the same thing.
      When the CSH gets nothing and the above mentioned get lots to me this smells of collusion.
      This seems to be the common practice of all corps. To me something is not right.

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