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  • investorial investorial Apr 26, 2011 7:14 AM Flag

    There is an old joke...

    that has much truth behind it.

    A CEO is interviewing for Controller. He asks the first candidate "What is 2 plus 2?" Answer - 4
    Next candidate - same question, same answer
    Final candidate - same question, answer is "What do you want it to be?" He was hired.

    This joke is so common among accountants because it is true. Income is what you want it to be in many, many corporations.

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    • This joke is more than old it is really stupid!I think that's the aproach Enron, Worldcom, Healthsouth andmany others have used unsuccessfully in the past. It is also the reason that many CEOs, CFO's and accountants are in prison or on work release today. Perrsonally, I don't believe these types of shenanigans go on at many companies. If you feel that it does, why do you invest in the stock market?

    • I REALLY like that joke. All of the banks are playing earnings like a fiddle with reserves. I call it "cooking the books". Kelly King had to squeeze out the extra penny to justify his $10 million pay package (up 100% from 2009). I am in the market even though I know that the game is rigged. I am an addict!!

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      • I'm a BB&T retiree and its interesting to me that KK gets a 100% raise in one year when the stock price is tanked and can't get any traction. I understand fully the dynamics that have kept the stock price depressed and I don't have unrealistic expectations that management, BOD or anyone else can do anything that would cause the value of our stock to suddenly return to its previous trading ranges (mid 30's to low 40's). What I do remember very well as a former employee is hearing KK state that we were compensated on results, not efforts. I can now speak for all of the active employees who would dare not criticize KK's huge raise for fear of reprisal, my life's savings is invested in BB&T stock so I have skin in the game and I'll say whatever I want to! What we have here is a clear double standard where management, totally supported by the BOD, puts the hammer down on the employees to produce then uses shortfalls in the targeted goals to compensate. Not completely unreasonable or unfair, again, the mantra is you are rewarded for results, not efforts. I actually buy into that (assuming that the targets set are fair and reasonable), but if its such a good practice, why isn't it uniformly applied? I need for someone to explain to me where, under KK's leadership, the results acheived by this organization that could be directly attributable to him, warrant a 100% increase in pay. It would be interesting to know what the average salary increase will be for the employees in 2011. Its apparent that the BOD and senior management play by an entirely different set of rules. Perhaps the "Aristotlic" principals established by JA left with his departure. One thing is for certain, they were completely abandoned by KK and the BOD in granting a 100% increase in KK's compensation. It is my belief that this organization began losing ground and has never recovered from the retirement of Henry Williamson.

      • So you think $.32 justified the $10 million pay package but $.31 would not have. I think you must be addicted to something other than the market.

      • DITTO ayscuew, GOOD days make it all worth it. GLA

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