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  • bonniemacsdad bonniemacsdad Apr 28, 2011 6:24 PM Flag


    So why would management want to keep the stock depressed if it's thinking of doing a deal with RBC when RBC has said thay are looking at a sale not in cash but stock. Seams to me thay'd want to have the share price inflated, but I'm not real savvy in these matters. Thoughts?

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    • I'm certainly not savvy in these matters either...

      Read the story too. They want stock and not cash...kind of odd. Guess they feel the US assets could be worth a lot more if they were well run. If so, why do they not just buy BBT and expand US ops?

      My guess is that BBT would only be able to do a stock deal if they got a bargain basement deal (or got the stock price way up, real fast). Otherwise the stock would get killed. However, seems highly unlikely with other interested parties (PNC).

      I do feel like BBT is not likely to over bid (given recent deals), so that makes me feel a little better.

      RY stated back in Jan that they were either going to expand or exit the US market.....Please expand and buy us out.

    • Bonniemac: Do you really think management wants to keep the price depressed? Isn't it more likely that they just don't know how to make it rise?

    • Norm: I wasn't referring to you specifically but I realize that you do consider the BB&T Board your personal property. Who died and put you in charge?

      Posters on the Board really should ignore your incessant blabbering about loan losses and problem credits as if that is only thing that drives stock price.

      However, I am not going to "recommend to investors" that they ignore your posts. Everyone has the right to read anything they desire in this country.

      I have discovered from reading this Board the past few months that the posters are generally not serious investors if they are investors at all. My sense is that many, if not most, are BB&T employees or have close friends or relatives that are BB&T employees. My guess is most are from North Carolina and many are from the Winston-Salem area or the eastern part of the state. I think you probably reside in Winston-Salem or a nearby town and you may work in an administrative function at BB&T in Winston-Salem. I base this on your attendance at the recent shareholders' meeting (I mean who would travel more than a few miles to watch KK cough and talk) and your seemingly endless knowledge of the boring details of BB&T's loan portfolios (maybe loan administration).

      You probably will not hear from again Norm, at least until your next post. By the way, you are free to ignore me.

      Oh, I almost forgot, thanks for proving my point about intelligence.

    • Its the same user, a**clown

    • Ah, the little troll calling people names. Have your mother wipe your nose. Better yet, get a place of your own.

    • I disagree-- tj1 adds a unique perspective on this board and is one of the few posters to acknowledge the reality that for the last 10 to 12 years, in the midst of the biggest financial boom in history, this bank has been consistently unable to translate decent performance ratios into sustained appreciation in the price of the stock. The strategy that worked in the nineties--growth by acquisition and cost efficiencies-- did not work after the end of the decade. The replacement strategy-- ADC lending-- will continue to haunt them for several more quarters. The new focus on C&I lending has alienated much of their former client base and I wonder if it is realistic that the bank in its current incarnation is going to be able to remake itself as a big time C&I lender anyway. TJ1 is right-- total return is what matters to shareholders and if the investment community perceives that management lacks the vision and focus to transform the metrics and ratios into above average total return then the stock will trade like a bond, supported only by its dividend, just as it has for the past 10 years.

    • tdj352:

      Well said.

      Nice post.

      Intelligence is such a scarce commodity on this board it is nice to hear from someone who has it.

    • Why are you saying that management is keeping the stock depressed?

    • Bubba: I don't care what you think and I certainly don't care what you say and quite honestly I don't care where you live, you racist Honky.

      As for name calling: You started that little game when you referred to posters who criticize management as "Trolls" a couple of weeks ago and you referrd to me specifically as a "Troll" in you post last night. Now I know what you are - You are a self-described "Bubba". I thought this was simply a nickname, but apparently it has a different meaning in the South. So tell me, what is a Bubba and what's the difference between a Bubba and a Redneck. We don't have them in the Northeast.

      Lost the argument? I wasn't in an argument, I was just expressing my views which I have every right to do.

      Sell BBT? Why should I do that? It's a good company that currently has bad management. This situation can and eventually will change over time. I am a long-term investor and as such I keep the the following quote from Warren Buffett on my office wall: "You should invest in a business that even a fool can run, because someday a fool will."

      By the way, did you take a look at BB&T's Total Return to Shareholders since KK became CEO? If don't know how to calculate this, let me know and I will help you.

    • In 'threaded' view, it shows that he responded to inlet_boater. lmao

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