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  • greengrassjack greengrassjack May 10, 2011 8:07 AM Flag


    Given the serious reduction in earnings over the past couple of years I doubt there has been adequate discretionary funds to keep the branches jazzed up. I use the online product and for my purposes find it to be functional and adequate. As a shareholder, I would prefer and fully expect that a reasonable portion of discretionary income be reserved for dividends. Its time for the shareholders to move from last in line to closer to the front. My frustration is that given the restricted discretionary income the bank has had, what the BOD decideds that the absolute highest priority for earnings was to double KK's pay. That does frost my butt!

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    • Funny if instead of the BoD giving KK $5M, they could have invested $5,000 per branch at 1,000 branches. $5,000 can make a place look a lot better. or better, they could spend $50,000 on 100 of their worst sites. But why give you a better customer experience, by fixing potholes, painitng walls, installing new carpet, getting some new furniture, freshening the landscaping, new lighting, etc. when you might deprive KK of his well earned money.

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      • Its the Janis Joplin effect, as in: "why doncha buy me a Mercedes Benz, my friends all drive Porsches and I must make amends." You wouldn't want KK to be embarrased about his pay when he attends banking conferences, would you??

        The typical executive pay package,drafted with input from an executive pay consultant (i.e whore) ensures that the bank CEO gets paid based upon the salaries of their "peer group" CEOs, not their personal accomplishments and/or value to the organization.

        So King will probably keep getting annual raises until he makes as much as the CEOs of BAC, WFC, etc. You'll know that BBT has finally jumped the shark on compensation when the BOD hires a pay consultant to ensure that board members are getting paid as much as their" peer group."

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