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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Aug 30, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    BB&T shareholders to get annual 'say on pay'

    I fully believe in great salaries and bonuses when they are earned. Most upper corp mgt seem to be paid an exorbitant salary for no real reason. PPS is down 50+% from its high, dividend down 80% and CEO receives a rediculously high salary, something is bad wrong with the system.
    Stock holders, supposedly, own the company, at least 50% of profits should go to stock holders as dividends, not to mgt and labor.

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    • Lets put it this way, executive management should never receive a permanent increase equal to twice their annual earnings. If the BOD does that, then how can they further justify an incentive program. But sharing some of the wealth with the lower paid employees is certainly appropriate. Kelly's $5 million increase spread among the lower paid staff would have had a far greater positive impact and not met with the shareholder outrage that his "salary adjustment" did.

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      • greengrass;
        Are you trying to tell me that there may be collusion going on between the B of D's and upper mgt? The kind of pay packages, salary and benefits, have always seemed suspicious to me.
        KK's $5 million dollar increase can't be justified with the pps down over 50% and the dividend down 70%. What did he do for such rewards?
        BBT had a fair profit, but nothing showed up in the dividend.

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