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  • marifry marifry Jan 19, 2012 10:22 AM Flag

    Please enlighten me.

    Oh please. Spare us your nonsense. Let's see....EVERY quarter during this recession they have shown a profit. When do you think they will let the cat out of the bag on their awful performance? Please get real.

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    • Emotions and investing are a bad mix. Going long BB&T has been a bad deal for a "long" time. Getting frustrated over the reality and blaming manipulation by some secret evil entity will not resolve the lack of performance.

      There is potential profit in BBT by utilizing options.

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      • I did fine buying in November (11/4 actually). Still up 15% at today's prices, although I didn't buy it for quick flipping. BAC had a nice report and may have been way oversold (although I am afraid to touch it with a barge pole). There certainly can be sell the news. And there can be sector rotation.

        Someone else mentions it isn't the cheapest bank stock, although things can be cheap for a reason, and I don't see any evidence it is a poorly run bank. Quite the opposite.

        Me, I don't blame manipulation. I believe it will be higher down the road. Whether that's $35 in a year or 2, or $55 in 8 years, or whatever.

        Later dudes.

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