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  • nobankersplease nobankersplease Apr 20, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Norm Rest of year?

    Norm, it is not what they say but what they don't say that is equally important. Did you hear them say they were capturing share in all their markets? That is not true. Loan growth for competing small banks is off the charts...larger super regionals like BB&T, Key, US Bank, PNC are simply not making loans at the same pace, and even one of these jackleg CEOs was on MSNBC confirming that small community banks are taking huge chunks of loan growth and share from all the incumbent larger banks, namely because the smaller community banks were making the loans that the larger banks "don't have to make," because "we don't have to," And why don't they have to? because these larger banks, like BB&T are sitting on billions in cash that was sourced originally thru Fed and Treasury giveaways. The NIM number will not automatically improve if the Fed raises the short end of the curve. Any rise in interest rates will crush any fragile recovery. NIM may go up, but loan growth will go negative and the entire economy will slip backward.

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    • " Loan growth for competing small banks is off the charts"

      Why don't you back up your posts with data?

      The federal reserve publishes weekly loan and deposit data for big banks and small banks. Big bank loans are up 6% since 12/31/09. Small bank loans are down 1% over the same time period. Big bank deposits are up 23% since 12/31/09. Small bank deposits are up 8% since 12/31/09.

      Black and white but I suppose you'll still insist your comments are accurate. Baloney.

      PS - much more to banking than loans and deposits. Big banks are killing small banks in non-interest income biz segments - wealth management, insurance, trust services, brokerage etc.

    • More simply put: "Bray"

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