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  • inlet_boater inlet_boater Apr 22, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    What Many of You Don't Know:

    Norm has a bad habit of dismissing anyone or any source that disagrees with him (his view) as wrong and the disses the messenger.

    I am the first to admit I am not always right and use as many sources as I can find (if I find them to have a decent record). Are these sources always right? of course they aren't - it does not mean the sources are useless. In the end it is up to you to evaluate and decide based on the information before you.

    What I do know is Norm has been positive without fail on BBT for a long period while I have been positive at times and negative at times and that I have made some very good returns trading BBT from both the long and short side over the past 3 years. You can get lost in the numbers of an individual stock and miss the big pictire IMO.

    In short I find Norm's inflexible view of little use in trading this stock. Now he claims things are just fine - well, I am here to tell you economic #s (employment?) have been so-so at best. The world Marcro view seems very iffy (China, Europe). QE (Twist, LTRO) seems set to be quiet for a while so there will not be the liquidity we have seen since last fall to push equities higher... Just a thought for you consideration - BBT does not exist in a vacuum.

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    • I agree with your contention that you can make considerable profits trading BB&T; however, the trend of the economy is up despite Republican Party efforts to restrain it. If the Democrats retain the Presidency, the economy will continue to improve, and most stocks will continue to move up slowly - especially BB&T, which is the best positioned regional bank. If the Republican Party wins the Presidential election and both houses of Congress - they will highly favor regulations that are very supportive to bank profits. So whether it be heads or tails - BB&T is going to be a big winner in the long run.

      Incidently, Norm has traded BB&T stock very profitably even though he retains a significant core holding.

      I don't have any problem with individuals that are bears or bulls. My problem is only with individuals that act inappropriately.

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      • The RePukeCons are trying to restrain the economy? No Need for the RePukeCons to do that with the drag being caused by the DemoRats.

        Face it - the members of both parties are clueless and have no solutions. The economy will not see healthy growth until the politicians get out of the way.

        So happy to know you are spending your time tracking Norm's activity (if I cared less I would not care at all about Norm's trades. Oh, that's right I don't care). Guess it leaves you little time to see to your own activity.

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