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  • nobankersplease nobankersplease Oct 25, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    My Apologies to Everyone!

    The end result of all this minutiae and contrived expense management is very simple. BB&T's vaunted credit model was not so good, and is not so good. Unless you change the cooks you will not get any different result. They have mediocre talent. I think I have said this now for five years. BB&T considered itself sooo smart for not getting in bed with the securitization and cds game, but in reality that was just luck...they didn't understood those products; but as history has shown, they also did not understand... (wait for it) Their lending was awful, but optically looked better than all the toxic securitized crap. Their assets are not as good as they would have you believe (for the last several years) and they simply have not taken advantage of market dislocation to grow good share and good assets from 2008-2011. Now you know why. But if you knew this bank, instead of just swallowing their press releases and investor presentations (and then repeating the same flawed content as gospel.. cough ....Norm) you would already be way ahead of the hounds. As somebody else pointed out recently, it has been 14 years of crummy results...I agree, and hate to say i told you so, but will say so and keep telling you same.

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