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  • DoctorJunJun DoctorJunJun Mar 26, 1998 7:53 PM Flag

    BB&T in Virginia

    First Virginia is holding out big time, like Crestar. Ca't blame them though, get the best price.

    Someone asked about Walkoveryou, First Union, and Nations. I live in Virginia. Go to a BBT branch, ask some questions, and then go to one of the other three. There is no comparison. Customers do not like the assembly line set up of the other banks. BBT treats you real good.

    Remnember I said 70. We are almost there. This company is hot, and they are NOT selling. ALLISON is going to make this a real company. Another buyout coming soon for the BBT'ers.

    Dr. JunJun

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    • Looking over your past messages, it is obvious that you are an employee of the growing BB&T. I'd hate to see you slip and give out some info that would hurt you personally, or the company. Let's enjoy the ride. Buy at 65, sell at the split price of 40.

    • i would like to know how you have been able to compile so much data in such a short period of time on Wachovia's operations
      in VA. Wachovia has only been operating under the Wachovia name in VA since this Monday, March 23, 1998. How could you possible
      obtain that kind of data in such a short period of time unless you are just pulling it out ot the air. Yes, I am a Wachovia
      employee. I would also speculate that you are a BBT employee yourself. Do you really think that it will continue to business as usual
      in VA. As you know, getting employees to evolve in new territories does not happen over night. I would challenge you to revisit
      any of these "assembly line" offices in tree months and see what you find. But, as you also know, regardless of where ever you
      go, regardless of what bank, there always has been and will probably always be someone who is not a willing or friendly service
      provider. Yes, we have some of them employed at our bank. And yes, you do have them employed at your bank too. I have the proof,
      because I have shopped all of the competition in the area. I will give BBT credit. Of all te competition in the central region of
      North Carolina, the service is the best of all the other big guys out there.

      I would like to know where you get your data. Mine is from first hand ecperience of shopping ALL of the competition in the fourth quarter of 1997. What about you??

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