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  • Stockboy_II Stockboy_II Jun 26, 1998 10:38 PM Flag

    Virginia Resignation

    (With apoligies to Mick Jagger!)

    Dr. J.,
    What you might want (i.e., BBK as "growth stock" for
    5-10 years) is unlikely to happen unless they move
    very quickly. If the economy turns down - which I
    don't see soon - BBK will be hurt (portfolio is suspect
    in down econ.) and the stock will dive. It may not
    be good candidate for sale at that point because of
    risk in loan portfolio and other bank's stock will
    probably be off as well, so no big premium. If Mr. Allison
    dosn't do a MOE soon, he will be stuck with slowing
    earnings via slowing loan growth and poor expense controls
    (or so I am told). A big merger would possibly give
    them the mass to survive and pick off weaker rivals,
    but they need to move now. If not, BBK will move
    sideways until stock goes down on weakening fundimentals
    (I know they have been great the last few years, but
    that accelerates the shift away when the deterieration
    begins) or a poor economy.

    What to do? Either
    sell now (or on the next uptick) or prepare for a much
    lower & slower stock price than you have had in the
    last three years. That does not sound like a growth
    stock to me. ButI've been wrong before (havn't we

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