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  • Flying__Burrito Flying__Burrito Aug 21, 1998 11:07 AM Flag

    Rough days ahead ...

    It looks like bank stocks are going to get hit
    pretty bad in the next couple of weeks. Time to get in
    the trenches and wait for the storm to be over (if
    you are in for the long ride) or time to get out.

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    • Burritto:

      I agree with you if you own JP,
      or Citicorp, but BBK has been fairly immune to the
      BIG DROP in banking share prices. BBK is holding up
      really good!!!!!

      Of course it doesn't hurt that
      our bank doesn't have much interest in the asia
      economy. But its also a well run bank, with great customer
      service. It also has been smart with its

      Speaking of that, there was an article in the VA paper
      about how Crestars management has lost millions on the
      deal. Its just a matter of time before the shareholders
      start really complaining. maybe even management might
      think twice...

      OK, I'll take off my bifocul rose
      colored glasses now...

      Dr. JunJun

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