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  • readum98 readum98 Sep 17, 1998 4:19 PM Flag

    Doc JJ:

    I would be interested to hear your slant on the performance of our beloved BBK over the last two weeks?

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    • I am 73, and old, but not feebleminded. Your
      question regarding my "slant" is to inform the readers
      that I am biased/and/or unable to see the truth. Not
      to dissapoint you, I will answer your

      BBT stock performance has about mirrored the
      financial stocks. Up a bit, down when everyone got skittish
      about Greenspans comments. Still, BBT not hurt nearly
      as bad as other banks stocks. Care to chart a

      Was my slant acceptable to you?

      Dr. JunJun

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      • Do you know what BB&T's buy -out package offers for early retirement ? Is it an attractive offer?

      • I am truly sorry for my poor choice of words. On
        the contrary, I very much appreciate your views on
        this board. I have found over the years that folks
        from your generation indeed have a much more healthy
        attitude towards investing than my peers. I am trying to
        develop that long-term approach to investing that your
        generation seem to just naturally have.

        "Slant" was
        just an attempt at cuteness that obviously did not
        work. Again, sorry for the unintended disrespect, and
        please keep posting your opinions. You and I both are
        hitched to this wagon, and our opinions are not far


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