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  • readum98 readum98 Oct 5, 1998 1:56 PM Flag

    Uh, Doctor JJ,

    could you please give me another one of your pep talks about how my 401K is safe and secure? Today's activity is just no fun.

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    • Look, nobody said investing in the market is fool
      proof or easy. What has been your return in BBK since
      the merger with SNB? How about a 400% increase. Not
      too shabby. Do you need that 401K $$ right now?
      Probably not. Life is too short to worry about this kind
      of stuff. It's only money for heavens sake!

      Easy for me to say, you might ask? Well sure, I sold
      at $72 (36 post split) so what do I care. I wish -
      I'm still long BBK and think that's a relatively good
      place to be if I want to be in financial services
      stocks, which I do. This industry will out perform the
      market over the next 5 years - guaranteed (you can't
      really find out who I am, can you?) Well, if I can't
      guaranty it for you, at least my money is where my mouth
      is - in BBK.

      If you really are that
      uncomfortable, sell and go to cash. You will either look like a
      brilliant investor when you buy back in at 20 and it hits
      38 next year or you will have gained piece of mind
      in cash. But readum, you sound like a pretty savy
      investor, why are you whinning now? You loved this stock
      just a few short months ago. Hang in there - it won't
      let you down (any more than any other stock might, at

      Best wishes...

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      • Stock:

        I agree with most of your note to
        Mr. Readum. Except. did you sell all of your BBT? I
        would love to know what you invested that money

        Not to be sarcastic, but thats the trouble with some
        young investors. They got a good thing going, they read
        money magazine that says take profits, and then they
        blow it on a tech stock or something goofy like that.
        (ok, with the exception of intel, ms).

        I have a
        pretty good system. I buy something I like, hold on to
        it, and then buy more even as it goes up. I like
        stocks in companies with a real past, and ones with a
        dividedn. I like smart managers like Allison.

        Have I
        been wrong? Oh you bet! I bought a healthcare company
        years ago that supposedly had a cure for cancer. I
        thought the misses was going to leave me over that

        Dr. JunJun

      • My problems coping are with the market in general
        and the fact that I am too heavily weighted in stock.
        I love BBK but fear that the overall market will
        take it down regardless of how well they do business.
        Yes, long-term it should do great, but unfortunately I
        feel whipsawed right now. I have no other assets to
        pour in to the breach if BBK were to fall

        The simple answer would be to sell a portion (half?)
        and buy partial peace of mind. But the memories of
        the great past performance and the potential makes
        that a difficult choice. No more whining though. I am
        a big boy and will just have to live with my

        Good luck.

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