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  • readum98 readum98 Oct 27, 1998 11:42 AM Flag

    BBK is kicking butt,

    huh Dr. JJ? It really feels good to know that the
    share price can recover so quickly. Shareholders will
    do great if BBK remains independent or sells out. I
    just hope and pray that management does not pull a
    NB/BAC and step out of the mold that has been so

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    • You seem to have nothing but a "hard" and that may be in doubt. Give them your "spin" on this sure "WIN!

    • to ignore someone who made 17 of the last 36 posts and stated nothing but that he had an ego bigger than BBKs capitalization (hope I spelled that right). But I will try at your request.

    • He's begun to contribute meaningfully (didn't
      even pick on my spelling again!) and obviously has a
      good brain we all can pick. Thank you attyacpa for
      changing tatics.

      I have been the one addressing
      ATM's vs. brick & morter branches, so I will try to
      make my point quickly. The only reason for b & m
      branches is to gather deposits and sell retail services.
      The ATM can do most of these things now. For that
      matter, a call center can too, hence FTU, WB, BAC, and,
      yes, even BBK have them. Granted FTU has taken this to
      extremes, but they are still here and making $$. BBK has
      taken the community bank approach in selling both the
      retail and wholesale market with good branch coverage
      and local power to do things. This is now a market
      niche when compared to their bigger competitors and
      they are exploiting it well, but it is very expensive
      to maintain. Allision's stated goal for operating
      ratio is below 50% and he must begin to close selected
      branches to achieve this. Look for more of this, usually
      by closing two smaller, outdated branches and
      replacing with a centrally located modern (and less
      expensive, i.e. more efficient) branch. This is important to
      BBK because of their approach to the market, it may
      be less important to BAC, WB, or FTU because they
      have already closed down a bunch, will close more, and
      could care less about what the guy in the street sez.
      If you follow Doc JJ's comments about those guys, he
      about sums it up - poor branch service. But, Mr. and
      Mrs. John Q. Public absolutely hate to move their
      banking business, so they put up with it. After all, you
      can still do everything via phone, ATM, or computer -
      right?? Time will tell if BBK's approach wins out, but if
      they can afford it, I think it is a

      According to my friends down in NC, BBK's computer systems
      are excellent in certain areas, and are being updated
      as we speak in the deficient one's. They are not as
      automated as FTU or BAC in the branches (FTU's & BAC's PC's
      prompt them to sell stuff based on your "profile" for
      heavens sake!), but BBK is rolling out (I don't know why
      he keeps using that word, but he used to work at WB
      -maybe he meant rolling over!) a new PC based retail
      system early next year that will be state of the art. I
      don't think that sounds like an MOE partner is needed
      just for that, do you? Don't know about customer
      profitability - a concept that most banks have gone to over the
      last ten years. Let's hope they know who their most
      profitable customers are (yeah Doc, we all know you

      Good points about OV's purchased branches from WB, but
      if they are all just accross the street or around
      the corner, still might be superior locations. It
      worked for Wendy's (following McD's). Anyway, I still
      think Riggs and ASO (excellent automated systems, by
      the way) are in the picture at some point (for
      different reasons), but I BBK will go smaller between now
      and 2000, hence OV or FVB.

      I really don't know
      full thought about Scott & String, but I don't think
      they overpaid (I'm really quoting those weathermen -
      sorry, analyst's on this) and I guess it was the thing
      to do. Looks better with full Investment bank than
      WB's purchase of Interstate.

      Course, I never
      thought old farts my age would go into space. Congrats
      John Glenn!!


    • I am intrigued (sp?) by your comment ("a MOE
      partner with significantly modernized operating and
      communications systems"). I was under the impression that BBK
      has been keeping the infrastructure failry up to
      date. Where do you see the shortfall?

    • OV might be a good target for some banks, but WB
      is probably not going to be among them. Most of the
      OV branches in VA are WB castoffs from the CFB/JNB
      merger. WB had to sell off a block of branches for Fed
      approval, and for the most part, OV bought them. They are
      second choice locations, and usually within a stone
      throw from a WB branch. OV might work for BBT, however.
      So would FMN, with better branch locations, and a
      significant Northern Virginia branch network. We need to
      improve our BBT market share in VA somehow. EOM

    • Yes, they said there was a freakin queer on this
      thread. My assumption is that you are the one by the
      handle you come to us under. Incidentally, let me call
      my $10 FGII, oil play, to your attention. They have
      their numbers made through 1999 with signed contracts
      if it means anything to you.

    • I noted the low p/e. Felt I had enough in the
      banking sector, but, that could change. Will keep it on
      tracking program. As for BBK, who knows what the general
      market may deal from day to day. Seems as though
      investors are exiting bonds/cds for equities. It's
      interesting to note the various and sundry opinions about
      market trends by the analyst. It has been stated that
      investment analysts were created to make weather persons
      look better. I have been pleased that BBK has less
      volitile than some of my other issue during the
      down-trend. I'm sticking for the long haul on a majority of
      my holdings; however, I generally hold a trading
      block in some of my investments. I think the best days
      for BBK are in the future. Tried a fair block of MWL
      in 10 range for 14 within 2 weeks.

    • with the combination of CPA/Attorney will all know that you must be dick head but we really don't care about your portfolio. Please keep it to yourself.

    • Anyone have any opinions on this bank, as
      acquisition, etc? Looks like low PE (<15), high ROA, and
      low Bk/val. Is this a good target for a BBK, WB, etc?
      I know that WV isn't that exciting, but bragging
      rights for high(est?) market share and over $1BB in
      assets up and down I-81 in VA might make it interesting
      fit for many including the two above.

      but not least, what do y'all think about support
      level for BBK now?


    • Another of my near 4 bagger regionals is FAM
      while my REITS, EGP and PKY, are only doubles paying
      around 7% at present trading prices. My REITS have
      exited the residential market for office/on-time
      delivery commercial properties; however, some say that
      some residential REITS are the way to go. Will review
      your suggestion. No argument about the "home-town"
      banking business of which you speak.

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