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  • sullytooo sullytooo Nov 7, 1998 9:22 PM Flag

    'xcuse me

    I apologize for interrupting, but I've been
    lurking on this board for several weeks, and couldn't
    help myself.

    I too would like to be a
    'multi-millionaire', and have all the knoweldge it appears some of you
    have gained by going to college, and working in the
    banking world. However, I have not been so fortunate, and
    right now the only way I have to get information, and
    learn, is to read every damn thing I can get my hands
    on. That includes this message board.

    In my
    lowly opinion, some of you need to shut up unless you
    have something productive to say...something others
    can use to their benefit. I don't appreciate reading
    your trash.

    To all those on this board who have
    taken from their valuable time to post their insight on
    this industry and BB&T, and allow others to gain from
    their knowledge, thanks.

    I will continue to
    lurk, and hopefully, this message board will soon get
    back to normal.

    Thanks for your time.

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    • If anyone is counting here is one more vote for less trash.

    • Give us your opinion about BBK's franchise in the
      new banking, brokerage, insurance, and other
      financial products industry. Support your opinion with some
      of your sully qualifications so as to exercise some
      opinionated judgement. Apparently, very few are keeping
      abreast of legislation affecting these industries. Some
      seem to be worried more about ATMs vs branches. Give
      us a little discussion on the "meatier" aspects of
      the "going-forward" business plan execution by BBK
      management. Are you game to fulfill this request? Hope you
      are not the sort that only gets "HOT" by not being

      • 1 Reply to attyacpa
      • Some are worried about the atms vs branches
        aspect, because... "While alternative distribution
        systems and channels have an important role, banking
        remains a people business and our primary distribution
        system is our branching network." (Letter to

        I'm not going to pretend to be abreast of legislation
        affecting BB&T, and the industry. Nor will I pretend to be
        as knowledgable as anyone on this board. But, as I
        said, I'm learning, and I don't consider this a game.
        We do have our money in BB&T in more ways than one,
        and we have family involved in the company.

        appreciate your reply, and would also appreciate guidance on
        how to keep "abreast of legislation." Could you name
        some sources for this information.

        Thanks for
        your time.

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