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  • DogScout DogScout Dec 28, 1998 5:02 PM Flag

    What's going on

    Can anybody tell me what's going on w\BB&T??? Heavy Vol. Big % gain!! Thanks

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    • and stock chat........regarding merger
      opportunities, I hear no rumors, but that is really immaterial
      for long term investors. BB&T's management has a
      sophisticated and comprehensive analysis process evidenced by
      their track record. It's safe to assume they have
      researched, ranked, and talked to the management of
      prospective candidates. Whether, if or when a deal is done
      depends on the sellers willingness to join up with a
      great franchise, and give up some independence for a
      broader product line, improved operating efficiency and a
      more liquid stock.

      BB&T is not an unfriendly
      acquirer...why...because they recognize that the franchise purchased is
      the sum of personal relationships between staff and
      customer. Increased revenues come from a motivated and
      incented staff trained to sell more services to customers
      and to care about customers. The execution of this
      training/sales philosophy is what makes branches "profit
      centers" rather than liabilities. The idea isn't new, but
      the execution of it is what's different at BB&Tamong
      larger banks. The trick is to be big (with the
      advantages of scale that implies) without acting BIG. I'll
      admit they're not perfect, but they admit mistakes and
      try to fix them when they occur.

      Just some
      random thoughts in the new


    • I left out the "a" in front of "small step" in the second-to-last paragraph. Is this an early sign of Alzheimer's?

    • I left out the word "about" between "precise" and "little" in the third-to-last paragraph. I am not the best editor of my own scribbles.

    • Young whippersnapper who doesn't care about
      getting the little things right:

      Imagine your
      broker calling you to say: "Ok, I have bought for you
      the one hundred pairs of BVD, and I sent them
      overnight express!"

      Astonished, you answer, "Pairs
      of BVD? I told you to buy one hundred shares of

      Your broker replies, "Oh, hehehehe, my little mistake.
      Well, you can always use more underwear,

      Or imagine calling your bank to complain: "Hey, I
      made a deposit of fifteen thousand dollars but the
      statement you sent me shows only fifteen! The teller or
      somebody must have misplaced the decimal

      And your banker answers, "Oh, maybe, but who cares
      about those little things! Just forget about it; it's
      only a dot."

      So, has it entered your mind that
      being precise little things does matter? Of course, we
      all make mistakes in spelling and grammar, and I do
      not make a big, bad deal over that --I too have erred
      aplenty. But it is the desire to get it right that

      Certainly, understanding the difference between your and
      you're, their and they're, and a and an, is only small
      step up the ladder of learning --but it is a step up
      nonetheless! Gripes such as "who cares?" or "max nix" or "let
      it slide" are instead steps downward, or at least
      little slides backward. Getting the little things right
      puts us in a better position for continuing the long
      climb upward and onward to the more important

      As my pupil Socrates agreed: "Knowledge is virtue."

    • Some of us are learning disabled and are at a
      disadvantage without spell and grammar check. Because of this,
      I think you should can the English lessons. It
      hurts my feelings!

      Hey! Maybe I can sue Yahoo!
      for discrimination - but I can't spell it. Darn, held
      down agin.

      Gud thing I can trade them stocks

      Come on folks - get real.

      Regards (I


    • I realized my mistake as I posted it. Was in too
      much of a hurry.

      My pet peeves: the a/an
      situation, who/whom, and the use of "at" at the end of a

      Thank you for reminding us!

      Is this a great
      board or what? Stock and Grammar tips in one!

    • Thank you for pointing our shortcomings in such a
      positive manner. Please stay on this board and keep us
      straight. I hope you don't have to pop my hands with "your"
      ruler, but I think I would like to stay after school
      with you.

    • Call me a grumpy old school "marm," but some of
      you need to understand the difference between your
      and you're. Your is the possessive form indicating
      ownership, as in "Get your motorcycle out of my classroom!"
      You're is the contraction for you are, as in "You're a
      foolish boy if you don't learn this lesson!" Let me warn
      you all: I still have the old straightedge I once
      used on the fingertips of the grammatically inept and
      I will find you once again!

    • ABSOLUTELY - Your comments are absolutely a fact.
      Own over 1000 BBT and these rednecks are largely
      responsible for it's value. After all remember BBT I believe
      is the oldest bank in NC or something like that and
      started out with rednecks before rednecks knew what a 4x4


    • Doc..the mudrunning comment is interesting and
      addresses something I teach my staff daily. Your best
      customer is not the wealthy, retired Dr. with large
      deposits...he is actually a liability. Your best customer is
      the (and I'm simplifying and being sterotypical) the
      long hair freak in the lobby, with loans for his 4x4,
      trailer home, and motorcycle who writes 5 overdrafts a

      Of course, both provide the bank with something the
      bank needs...but loans are a heck of a lot tougher to
      get than deposits. time your in a
      branch and you see one of those long hair freaks come
      in...give him your chair and your cup of coffee!

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