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  • FieryJacksDR FieryJacksDR Jan 30, 1999 5:31 PM Flag

    BBT Info request

    I may be interviewing at BBT. Anyone have an opinion on what it
    is like to work there? Also, it seems like this bank would be
    a great takeover target for a bigger bank trying to get into the

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    • I believe Errrrggg is straight anyway, but thanks for asking!


    • the ticket!

    • Well done grasshopper!

    • Soros and Greenspan and Pam Anderson and a few
      others the other day, I told them the world needs more
      enlightened bullshitters. They agreed and Georgie said he'd
      finance my search for the most enlightened bullshitters
      on the planet. That's why I now surf the net day and
      night, night and day: seeking ... Not bad, Stockboy, but
      I've encountered better ... As a psychic once said to
      a janitor: upgrade your bullshit and don't forget
      to clean the bathroom ...

    • Come on Yahoo - how about a spell check feature for these boards?

    • in secretaries drawers...... (Doc is old enuff to
      get that joke!)

      I was a travelling memeograph
      salesman and travelled all the banks in the SE as my
      territory. It is truely amazing what secretaries will share
      with tradesman like I was. After I was forced to
      retire by the advent of the xerox machine (is that
      capitalized or is that generic now?) I started investing full
      time. I duscovered that I had a knack for stocks and
      bonds and eventually opened a small but sucessful
      trading house for high net worth individuals. I soon
      became good friends with Jordan's King Hussein, god
      bless him, and became very wealthy handling a small
      part of his vast investment portfolio. Then I felt a
      call and climbed Mt. Everest. I'm now actively
      involved in the largest Free Tibet and skate board and
      bungee jumping club on the east coast as its investment
      afvisor. We earlier bought Microsoft at $4.00 so we're
      doing ok. In fact, we plan to start our own political
      party and run our own candidate in the next
      presendential election. Our motto will be "tell the Truth -
      whatever that is!"

      I look forward to our soon to be
      named candidate assuming the throne..uh.. I meant be
      elected President, so that I can take over the US budget
      and balance it. Do you think Dr. JunJun will run?
      He's my pick and I'm trying to convince the rest of
      the club to draft


      And if yiu beleive all that, well, you shouldn't read
      these boards too closly in the future.

      I did
      know all the folks mentioned in my earlier post,
      however, the opinions, as always, are just opinions and
      they are mine. If anyone else wishes to speak to this,
      have at it.



    • Nationsbank was No.3? Perhaps pride will spur BAC/Hugh to want to occupy the No.1 position in the home state as well? Don't sell such passions short even in the world of finance.

    • years ago, but BAC and FTU would rather invest in new territory than Carolinas and Va. The deposit concentration would give Justice Dept. heartburn and divestiture so onerous as to not be practical.

    • a fascinating post. How did you come by that knowledge? (Just curious.)

    • Well, you raise an interesting question, but I
      doubt that either Hugh or Ed would consider our Johnny
      as a candidate for their replacement. First Hugh -
      man is that a tangles web! For a number of years
      after the former governor's son left (surely you
      remember him - I just can't remember his name) Buddy Kemp
      had a lock on the #2 position behind Hugh.
      Unfortunately, Buddy died of a brain tumor after he began
      running the Tex. operation. Enter the pompus ass from Ga.
      State U. - Ken Lewis. For some reason, Hugh has always
      liked Ken, helping him out when his marriage fell apart
      and he went to NYC, etc. The only reason I mention
      that on a business BB is that Lewis was very beholding
      to Hugh and has been a staunch supporter for many,
      many years. He is a good politician, even if his
      troops don't like him that much, so he is probably fine
      with the board. I don't think he is anywhere near a
      Hugh McColl, but most of the others have fallen by the
      wayside for some reason. Ed Brown, Pat Phillips, Gene
      Taylor, and others are smarter and better liked within
      the NCNB (sorry, couldn't resist) org., but clearly
      Lewis has a lock on the job after Hugh retires and runs
      for President! Frankly, John Allison would be eaten
      alive in that org. They admire smarts, but they admire
      balls more (sorry - I couldn't spell "hudspaugh?" John
      is slow, but sucessful - they want fast and
      sucessful more times than not. Or at least that's my

      Ed - I think he is closer to John in brains - both
      are very smart and are great stategists (Hugh is
      great tactically). Ed is so logical that cutting
      throats is justified in his mind. John, I am told, is
      wired the same way but, with a softer heart. IMO, Ed's
      current #2, John G will succed him for a short while.
      After them, pick from Mac Evvert, David Carroll, Ben
      Jenkins, or my long shot favorite, Don Johnson (sorry for
      the spelling, most of what I think I know about FTU
      is second hand, so I havn't seen the names in print
      - I dont't own FTU). Not a good fit for our Johnny,
      but a better fit than BAC I think.

      Last, but
      not least, BBT's charm and sucess is a mixed blessing
      with regard to the question at hand. They have thrived
      on being from a backwater, they are very inbreed,
      (name one real exec. that has come from a merger - even
      the SNC merger or worked anywhere else in their
      career!), and are proud of slow, slow, slow movements to
      anything new. They also are the best bank for retail
      customers, best bank for mid market businesses and small
      busineses, and their numbers are fantastic! I'm really not
      complaing at all. My point is, John A. would not be a good
      fit for either FTU or BAC - thank God for all of us
      BBT stockholders.

      Sorry for the long post -and
      my coffee is getting cold!

      Doc - I'm going
      to spring for that Mantis -you talked me into



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