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  • pigmanpu pigmanpu Mar 1, 1999 6:10 PM Flag

    Anymore discussion on the Matewan purcha

    Are there any new insights into the Matewan transaction?

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    • not much insight left, it seems all that can be
      said has been said as far as economics are concerned.
      But from the mnb view, and knowing the intelligence
      of dan r. Moore, (current ceo of mnb), mr. Allison
      and anyone who is affiliated with bb&t should feel
      flattered that mnb "chose" them to be the lucky buyer of
      such a great company. What a shopping trip that must
      have been! Not many people have the advantage of
      picking their own boss! Go drm!!!!!

      • 1 Reply to good_news77
      • As a life long resident of Southern WV and
        especially, Williamson, let me take a minute to respond to
        the previous comments that have been made about the
        recent merger announcement.

        First, Mr. Push, you
        sound like an intelligent person yet are very ignorant
        about the topic at hand. Let me be the first to assure
        you that technology is alive and well in Southern
        rural WV. That is how I am communicating with you right
        now. Surprise, we hillbillies do know how to use the
        internet. Secondly, as for our education, I have a
        Bachelors Degree from Georgetown College of which my
        parents paid for since they made too much money for
        financial aid. No my parents are not doctors or lawyers,
        dad worked in the mines and mom taught
        school�surprise, we do have money down here. Oh, and let�s not
        forget, I am three-fourths of the way through my Masters
        degree in Business Administration of which are taken via
        internet and compressed video at regional distance
        learning classrooms. Yes, people down here do know the
        value of an education. Not only do I have my education,
        but I am a licensed series 7 securities
        representative located in the southern WV region. And the number
        of investment representatives are growing which to
        me says there is a need for this type of business.
        We may not be a dumb as you think.

        Third, in
        response to your comment on coal being the only economic
        substance for the area (OOPS, big words let me rephrase
        that). Coal is the only way we have to make a living
        (better?). Yes, we realize the economy is driven primarily
        by coal. That is why committees have been formed to
        study what types of industry can be brought in to the
        area to subsidize in the event the coal industry goes
        under. For your information, several telemarketing
        groups have relocated into the Huntington area, which
        serves Wayne and Cabell counties. The Kermit Branch does
        service Wayne county in WV. Another interesting fact is
        that the Danville Branch is 30 miles from Charleston
        WV, the states capital. But with the upgrade of 119,
        it takes less than 30 minutes to reach Charleston,
        in fact, many people that bank in Danville, work in
        Charleston, not in the coal mines. People in Southern WV do
        know the value of setting up wills, trusts and
        purchasing securities. Where are you getting your
        statistics? Besides, have you visited a MNB branch? Or even
        traveled Mingo or Logan Counties as you ask someone else?
        A lot has changed over the past 5 years.

        for the products offered, yes, credit cards are
        available and dealer financing all over the state of WV and
        KY, including the Huntington, Charleston areas in WV.
        There also is a partnership with Linsco/Private Ledger
        in securities and Bysis (formerly The Underwriting
        Group or TUG) for insurance products. As you can see,
        we are not as uneducated or ignorant as you would

        You may be looking at numbers, which for
        a short term investment, that is the area you want
        to focus on. But for a long term investment, look
        further and deeper. Not simply at the rumors and
        stereotypes of Southern WV. There is rich heritage in these
        mountains. We have worked hard to abolish ignorance and
        stereotypes about southern WV but it appears there is still
        more to overcome. I will assure you and other
        stockholders of BB&T that we at MNB have made a commitment to
        each other. We want to succeed in this venture. What
        does BB&T have to offer MNB? The refined products of a
        big city bank into a small region, it�s called the
        "Best of Both Worlds". MNB is liked and very well
        respected in the market area it operates in. We want
        progress and by intelligent yet ignorant people like
        yourself, it is very difficult for Southern WV to receive
        anything. I would take more time but have work to do and
        classes to study for. And in case you are wondering I am
        a woman�

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