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  • BigButtsandTits BigButtsandTits Mar 10, 1999 6:45 PM Flag

    Dr.JunJun where are you?

    Are you still alive and kicking enough to admire what I've got?

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    • Call me old fashioned, but your disgusting. My
      mother would have washed your mouth out with soap. There
      are plenty of other internet sites that you could
      spew your name all over.

      I have been
      dissapointed with our board. A year ago, there was just a few
      of us, kind, conversalionlist. Now the tome is rude.
      To the new folks, welcome, we enjoy a pleaseant stop
      by and some good conversation. Please use your
      manners and respect other peoples opinion. If not, there
      is no reason for us to visit anymore.


      • 2 Replies to DoctorJunJun
      • as you yourself went merrily down the road of
        sexual innunendo and crudeness in your postings. Now
        someone else has simply gone a few steps further, and you
        call disgusting what is simply your own image with
        added emphasis flung back at you. My late husband would
        have been ashamed of letting down his profession with
        postings as ridden as are your's with misspellings, sloppy
        grammar, crudity, hypocricy, and sheer foolishness.

      • You do not see me often on this board but I
        assure you I have been an avid reader of these postings
        for sometime. I feel most are trying to add something
        meaningful about BBT and its future which I assume is
        important to most of us.

        I agree with Doctor JunJun
        that many of the postings in the last few weeks are
        getting away from the subject of this board and may cause
        many of us to find better to do with our


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