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  • againROTFLOL againROTFLOL Mar 29, 1999 9:50 AM Flag

    And I miss some of the "regulars" like

    Dr. JunJun and Readum. Hope they haven't been scared away by some of you intellectual bullies.

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    • tfstr

    • What a self-righteous man you must be......asking for a good clean message board and then broadcasting scripts with kinky sexual innuendoes. That is a first on the BBT board I think.

    • Sorry if I sounded cross or bullying (is there
      such a word?) I didn't mean to pick on BBT Fan, but
      you gotta admit, he (or she) does sound like the BBT
      news releases. Not that that is all bad, but not very
      objective sometimes (IMHO, sorry if that's not the case).

      Hey, I'm one of the folks who has stuck with reduction
      in flaming (I think I got that right, my grandson
      used that term like this I think) and now I find
      myself hoisted on my own petard (I know, I missed the
      spelling on that one too, but I do know what the quote
      means). Well, if I hurt BBT Fan's feelings or anyone
      else's, I'm sorry. At the same time, I advise you to
      cruise over to BAC or FTU's boards and see real abuse.
      Frankly, I still think my "shill" comment is legit, read
      BBT Fan's posts, so I guess I think "again" should
      investigate the advantages of getting a life or at least
      growing up a little more.

      But wait, could
      againROTFLOL really be BBT_Fan in an alter ego/web name? Could
      Stockboy_II really be Billy Bob Tators or shwraide? Very

      Hey this stuff is suposed to be fun - NOT
      SERIOUS! Lighten up some folks and get in the swing. As



    • explosion of posters here. I can either spend my
      time playing and extra eighteen or keeping up with the
      posts. Now that the seventy degree weather is here, what
      would you do? Don't know whether to be offended about
      the insinuation that I am not intellectual (LOL).
      Keep in touch.

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