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  • WarBeagleOne WarBeagleOne Apr 9, 1999 11:00 AM Flag

    Kentucky/WV revisited.

    recaling the discussion weeks ago about Bbt
    movingin to Wv and Kentucky, and the economy in those
    places, someone name of Atila or Tuztilla or somehing
    like that tryed to tell us things wer bad
    there....meaning no groth in that area.

    Did everybody see
    Wall st. Journal yesterday, front page, about welfare
    in Apalachia ?..meening eastern kentucky. Says
    "welfare is an ingrained part of the culture" there, and
    that 51% of people living in Harlan county "depend on
    the govt. for some kind of support"........ looks to
    me like Aztila was right.

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    • places wheres the people depends 100% on some
      form o govment assistance! Wheres they expects the
      govment to pave their roads, regulate the traffic,
      inspect the food, print the money, make and enforce rules
      of commerce, negotiate with dammed foreigners,
      apprehint and punish criminals, and so on and on. Are these
      folks no good varnints? Why theres even folks out there
      who try to be some sort of govment for this postin
      board and tell us how to spill words! I say: do it all
      yourself. I USE 100% OF ROADKILL: Git dinner and clothes
      that way. Print money myself, spill my way, shoot
      criminals and other varmints myself, make my own roads,
      burn my own trash, aint goona take nothing from no
      govment. And as a banker and broker, I will smoke your

    • the info.

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