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  • nc3putt nc3putt May 6, 1999 2:46 PM Flag

    You're right attycpa.

    While the big boys would like to think everybody
    is happy with home banking and ATMs, when you get
    away from the metropolitan areas there are a lot of
    folks with a lot of bucks who want to see a smiling
    face when they take their money to the bank, and they
    want nothing to do with pcs or ATMs. They are paying
    attention to the lack of service being provided by most of
    the major banks, whose idea of customer service is to
    point them to a hotline to Charlotte or Raleigh or
    wherever. The community banks should be having a field day.

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    • as I speak. I think that speaks squarely with
      your verbage. Look at the verbage in 1Q99 of FAM from
      the loss of some of its customer base of some of its
      merged entities. Locally, it is going to old local banks
      that are retaining the community banking concept along
      with the newbies. I don't do one ounce of business
      with the regional bank in which I own stock while I am
      not local to BBT. I still carry sizable amounts in
      premium access accounts which are a rip off, but, pay
      slightly higher than the brokerage money-market with

    • Employee's who become aware of unpublished policy
      decisions, etc. become insiders per the SEC. At least, if
      they use this information to benefit from it or help
      someone else benefit from it. Although most business
      (including BBT) a careful about this, the rumor mill
      operates whenever you have more than two people involved,
      so bits and pieces from above can become real
      insider information if all are not careful.

      the best advice already given is that all the stuff
      you read here, including my balderdash, is never
      worth making an investment decision on. It's just fun.
      Do the math, analysis, talk to employees for their
      opinions, do business with the company you might buy a
      piece of - all of this is better info to make an
      investment decision on. I know that's not new information,
      but it probably bears



    • people are aware of that.

      The funny thing
      is, this mythical CFO thought no one recognized his
      posts. He was so obvious everyone in the know knew who
      it was. Only person he fooled was himself. But. He
      is gone now. And hopefully forgotten.

    • with your definition. Believe SEC considers insiders to be policymakers, ie the board of directors and certain executive officers (including the CFO), listed in the proxy.

    • good thang we've got you to whip us back in line, yaaas

    • The nonsense level is a an all time high here!
      Thats means BB&T is getting some attention.
      The most nonsense is this insider stuff. Lets be
      clear what we mean by insider eh?

      An employee is
      not necessarily an insider. Employees know what is
      going on operationaly, but are generally not privvy to
      corporate decisions before they are released. Should
      employees post....their thoughts should be considered as
      cautiously as anyone elses posts. They may have valuable
      observations....or it may be disgruntled ramblings. It is not
      however neccesarily inside information. In fact....I
      recommend talking to employees....see how they feel about
      their jobs, management, honesty of management, trst,
      growth opportunities, equity in compensation etc. That
      will truely tell you more about the comapny than an
      analysts report....and would not be "inside information"!

    • it may never buy another big bank but expects to
      grow more via the internet does cast an interesting
      light on a possible future coming soon: when banks who
      failed to sell out at a big premium but haven't the
      capital to expand aggressively on their own on the
      internet get left behind as a few giant banks dominate the

    • quoted a number of legal and commmunications
      advisors who said it's a bad idea for a company to go on
      message boards even to correct information they believe
      to be wrong. They suggest broad distribution of a
      press release on material news as I recall. Anyhow,
      it's an interesting response to the use of the
      internet. I think the point is to avoid "selective
      disclosure" to a segment of the investing public without
      covering all investors. That's the background behind my

    • ahead would take too much time away from golf and the grandkids! As you said, we're all looking for the same things; good investments, good earnings, and good dividends!


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