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  • BigJimPaPa BigJimPaPa Dec 13, 1999 12:28 PM Flag

    40 by xmas

    Now refresh my memory! Was it not long ago that
    one of the fine contributors was forcasting BBT at 40
    by Christmas? It's the twelve days of Xmas thus a
    price of 29 appears to be going the wrong way. Looks
    like we all might have to turn to pig farming at the
    current level.

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    • I'm not retired - reason for having funds
      BBT stk is from retirement pgm when I used to
      for SNB. I really don't like that many
      eggs in ANY
      single basket but it is my
      understanding I cannot
      move the funds at all,
      at this time. I totally
      agree that BBT is a
      fine company but it seems
      pointless to stand
      and cheer as my paper losses mount.

    • well, my daughter is upset at me, and so is sid,
      my broker.

      Sid convinced me to buy orcle at
      28 and I told sid to sell it today. I thought he was
      having a stroke. He kept explaining them and what they
      do and this guy larry who runs the company and why
      he so smart. I dont even understand what a database
      is, so why should I own it? I don't like owning
      comnapnies unless i understand what there is business is
      about. I know medicine and hospitals. I also know

      I took my 9,100 dollars and bought BBT at 28 today.
      Call me crazy like the family did. I love my bank.
      Gotta get going we are going to an open house in a
      ritzy neighborhood. I have promise to be on my good and
      very best behavior. Which means only a few rum and

      Dr. JunJun

    • If you are retired and own a computer, you have
      time to analyze the market,keep a close watch on it,
      and trade in a manner to take advantage of this once
      in a lifetime opportunity to cash in on the
      technology age. Why do you have a significant amount of your
      retirement funds invested in ANY bank? Get some balls and
      quit being lazy! Good luck!!!

    • I have a lot of my retirement funds locked
      in BBT. It would be nice if the price
      were going
      the other way instead of everyone
      saying how great
      the bank is as the price
      heads futher south.

    • You have raised a good point. The board will tell
      us that all banking companies are down and it is
      just a part of the times. But when I put a pencil to
      the numbers my 3500 shares had more value at 40 then
      now at 29.50.

      I once worked with a banker who
      made this commment when asked how a bank made money if
      it paid 8 or 9% for its deposits and loaned it out
      at 6 or 7%. They make it up in volume!

      guess this fellow John is trying to make it up in
      volume. Put more paper out for people to sell and the
      value will grow. Time to go figure. And yes the BBT
      franchise is a good one but the real value is in ... what
      is it doing for us now and when we need the cash.
      How about a 6 for 5 split or something like that

    • I have been reading this board since I became a
      stockholder of BBT by merger. Everyone keeps singing the
      praises of BBT as I slowly sink into the West like the
      sun... with the lowering of the share value.
      of buying up little banks with "fat" cats on the
      payroll, it's time for BBT to do something to improve the
      value. Am I the only one experiencing this??? Sure I can
      keep buying at the lesser price but I would rather
      being improving my position otherways Any comments????

    • At 30 the dividend is paying 2.67%. Not bad at all... Ask the good Dr Jun Jun

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