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  • readum98 readum98 Dec 16, 1999 2:40 PM Flag

    Quit crying newbies.

    If you want an investment that goes in only one
    direction, buy CDS, treasuries, or money market funds. If
    you want to get rich, turn off your realtime quotes
    and give this stock five years. Some of us already
    know the power of BBT. Some of you will learn. Others
    will be too stupid to find out.

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    • AMEN!!!!!!

    • Yes...if you are not well informed, don't
      understand investing, and are unable to do simple top down and hold is the key to mediocre returns. Better an index fund and tune out of the market,
      economy, and any fundamental analysis

      Fundamentals of the market are changing. The banking industry
      is changing, it will be far different in the future,
      and a reliance on what has happened in the past is
      simply an excuse for not understanding the market or the

      I'm not sure what the future holds, where
      the earnings growth will come from, how multiples
      will shift, and whether the tremendous fundamental
      benefits of being a southeastern regional bank will
      continue. I really don't think this (or any bank) is the
      greatest growth opportunity available to investors.

      I hold a little BB&T percentage wise......certainly
      my worst performer this year by a long shot.

      I think the stupid ones are the ones with their
      eyes closed, the ones who don't understand why they
      own a stock, and those with 20/20 hindsight. They of
      course will never find out:-)

    • reverse this year! I don't disagree that
      the stock market is a crap shoot. Your advice is
      sound in that regard. However, I don't think it
      unreasonable to gripe about a 25% decline this year. That
      "sucks" as my nephew says, in any type of investment. The
      continued buying of small, non discript, rural banks may
      fit your idea of a good move (and don't get me
      started on Matewan again!), but it is not at all
      unreasonable as shareholders to expect that these moves at
      least keep us headed side ways, not down! If I thought
      that BBT had the potential of erasing the 1999 deficit
      in 2000 and giving me a good return on top of it - I
      would feel a heck of a lot better than I do now. Do you
      think the banks they bought this year offer that type
      of potential pop? I don't think so! IMHO of

      Do you really expect a 30+% increase in 2000 and
      why? I think that is the only way I will match my CD
      investments for 1999 and 2000.

      Come on readum, you
      gotta admit that a fall this low is not easily made up
      and usually not quickly - unless they will change to!

      As you know, I respect the people, their plan, etc.,
      but maybe I need to move to the sidelines on this
      stock for a while and try to catch something that will
      replace the loss I have incurred. I will continue to
      repect them, but from afar. I understand dollar
      averaging, but that's not active investing. I am an active
      investor and I believe there could be a better alternative
      out there.

      I'm now inspired to

      Nuff said (from me



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      • Always enjoy your insight. (You have been at
        FDLNA also, right?) I guess its just a matter of time
        frame. Of course the decline has hurt my feelings and
        net worth ( alot more than most I guarantee you). But
        history is the ONLY thing we really have to hold on to.
        I'm not a particularly adept stock picker, so I'll
        just let my retirement funds ride with John and the
        boys. If you need to move on, move on. The stock could
        easily do 30% next year. It could also be at $35 next
        year. If so, I bought a bunch more cheap shares with

    • Jimbo!!!

    • I lost almost 12k on this stock today.
      This is almost too good to be true. Dive
      baby dive !! Wow , what a chance to average
      down !!

    • Your 12K is about 33% of what I lost today.
      However you do not see those of us that have held BBT for
      a long time making smart remarks about BB&T such as
      your last post. Personally I wish I had the cash
      available to buy Monday morning. Is it possible you would
      be happier with another message board?


    • titanium_bikes_are_overrated titanium_bikes_are_overrated Dec 17, 1999 5:15 PM Flag

      That is the sound of BBT share price......headed
      south. That sound appears to be bringing out the worst
      in some of the posters to this board. Heay, fellas,
      try not to take a message board personally. These are
      business decisions, aren't they?
      Greed ruled this
      board at one time. Now, it appears as if fear is taking

      Try to relax and enjoy the Season. The share price
      will come back next year.

      Have a good weekend

    • Hangon buddy. If you beat the market and see 20%
      a year for the next 2 years you will have a 3 year
      return of 0% Happy retirement!

      No on is telling
      you how to invest your retirement funds...and I know
      a lot about this bank, and the banking industry. Of
      course...I have seen a lot of anger and resentment on these
      boards when people are losing a lot of money. If that is
      the case with you I am sorry. Hope you're

    • Most Nasdaq stocks are actually down for the year...sorry I don't have the actual percentage at my fingertips. Its a stock pickers market!

    • RW:

      36K down today? Geesh, I was going to ask you to meet me for dinner and get you to pay...

      Oh well.

      Dr. JunJun

      PS: Madame CPA won't write back to me?

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