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  • xtrader2000 xtrader2000 Jan 18, 2000 9:44 PM Flag

    I am new to this stock

    I day trade almost exclusively tech stocks. I
    thought just for my own amusement I will put some money
    in a so called valued stock, and give this long term
    investing a try. With two buy recommendations and four
    stars rating from S&P, I thought I found a sure winner,
    but looks like my patience and my pocket book will be
    severely tested by this stock. Thank God for my trades in
    tech stocks, otherwise, I would really have a lousy
    day. I am still holding onto the stock. As far as
    interest rates are concerned, financial institutions like
    banks are much more aware of the impact from interest
    rates and they are taking more active roles in hedging
    their bets on interest rates with various types
    derivative instruments. It's true when interest rate goes
    up, the risk of default on loans increase which in
    turn hurt bank profits. But this economy has been
    going strong with virtually no sign of inflation,
    business are good and unemployment is at an all time low.
    We should only worry if the interest rate is high
    and the unemployment rate starts to creep up. So,
    from a macro standpoint, this stock should be doing
    well. But I think everyone are just too excited about
    the highflying tech stocks to give any notice to a
    boring regional bank stock. If you can bag a 20% gain
    with a stock like GBIX or EXDS, how could you possibly
    get excited about a potential 10% annual return on
    BBT. Who says day trading is risky, when all I did was
    day trading, I sleep well at night with 100% cash
    position, now I have to think where this BBT is going
    tomorrow and the day after that. Maybe this long-term
    "value" investing isn't for me. Afterall, if the analysts
    truly know where the value lies, they won't be working
    for someone else. So much for value stocks and the
    analysts who finds them. :)

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