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  • xtrader2000 xtrader2000 Jan 20, 2000 1:21 PM Flag

    I am not shorting the stock.

    But I wish I did. I bought the stock and got out
    before I lose more money. I seriously doubt my little
    posts on this board will have any affect on the stock
    price. I was just venting a little frustration with the
    stock. Anyways, now I am out, I can only watch it's
    descent with mild amusement.

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    • More cheerleading and followership here than
      sound analysis and information. Some here are looking
      for support for their investing choices....not
      fundamentals. Its human nature I guess...and I see it on many
      of the boards.

      "Tell me what I want to hear
      and I will follow you anywhere"

      Hmmm.....thats the logic in Iowa tonight too:-)

    • Dear rwmgn,

      I heartily second your nomination of Dr JunJun. I tip my chapeau to you, Doc. You are a true philosopher.

      Yours Respectfully,
      J. J. Rousseau

    • I appreciate Dr. Jun Jun. But, age begets
      nothing. What stocks does Dr. JJ recommend? I understand
      the strategy of "buy-and-hold". Where do investors go
      from there? Buy and hold what? More BB&T? Speak, Doc.
      I want to learn something. I'm younger, I own
      shares in it, and I'm looking for some stellar advice.

    • I would like to nominate DOCTOR JUNJUN for the position of CHAIRMAN of the BBT MESSAGE BOARD.

      Any seconds??????


    • Please sir, your posting on this board
      illustrates your pathetic life - we are fine with bbt -
      please go back to your x generation, droopy pants, don't
      want to work for a living, tatoo covered boy, want to
      spend all day on the pc and skateboard in public areas.
      Get a job you slackard.

      Oh I am sure you'll
      come back and tell us how much money you make trading
      stocks all day and how you drive a mercedes eat at the
      country club, and schmooze expensive hookers. Why don't
      you try contributing something to the world! Stop
      bashing a perfectly good company that contributes
      hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to charitable
      organizations and helps untold localities with economic
      development. So this stock didn't make you rich, boo hoo you
      little boy. Is greed all your generation thinks of? Do
      you have no patience? I'll bet you wear those pants
      where the boxers show! have you ever helped a person
      out in this world?

      Dr. JunJun (and damn proud
      of my country and my generation!)

      • 3 Replies to DoctorJunJun
      • this personal attack is really unwarranted, and
        unnecesary. Secondly, I am sure your post about my generation
        very much like my post about BBT was mostly a
        reflection of your emotions of the moment rather than your
        true belief about the "longterm" potential of Gen. X.
        :) I am a short term investor, or daytrader if you
        will. But to imply somehow longer term investing is
        more socially responsible is wrong and absurd. The
        ultimate goal of investing is to achieve the maximum
        return. Stocks I mentioned on my previous post here (my
        favorites of the moment): GBIX and EXDS went up over 7% and
        10% respectively on Friday, while I think BBT wasn't
        able to produce that kind of return for shareholders
        for the past six month or more. No, I don't drive
        mercedes, dine at country clubs, or use prostitues, that's
        probably your idea of fun. :) Just kidding. I drive an
        Audi TT Coupe and I worked hard for it. I don't know
        how you were able to read so much into the few
        hurried lines I dropped on the msg board, your posts
        probably also reflected more of your own personal issues
        and biased social opinions rather than anything else.
        Maybe a bad arguement with your grandkids??? Anyways,
        if you want to reply and keep everyone entertained
        please do, this stock sure isn't very entertaining
        lately. :) But, please keep the name calling and personal
        insults to a minimum. Have a nice day!

      • Thanks Dr JunJun. Couldn't have been better said. New to the board, but have been lurking for a while. Really enjoy your posts and the messages with them.

      • What a hoot.

        Please keep up the great posts !


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