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  • jmkrph jmkrph Jan 26, 2000 3:02 PM Flag

    where did bbt come from?

    did bbt acquire first federal saving loan of greenville?

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    • The merger was great for Orr and the
      stockholders, but there was no equality as far as the employees
      were concerned. He sold SNB his prior bank in
      Winston-Salem, which was much smaller than SNB, but he called
      the shots after that merger. The old heads at SNB
      never knew what hit them.

    • There is no such ting as "MOE" ... it is a
      political term used to manage expectations ... I went
      through one in the Pharmaceuticals Ind. in 1995 ... "MOE"
      was applied to everyone but Senior Management.

      Lesson ... job security is a myth, every employee is
      really an independent contractor ... anyone who thinks
      otherwise is dreaming.

      Organizations want to use you
      until your value exceeds their willingness to
      compensate you, then you need to be ready to move on

      In mergers, this is known as "brain drain" ...
      everyone with skills usually hits the road during a
      merger, esp. in the technology field.

    • STI has got to do something in N.C., it seems to me. Is it WB or BBT?
      Best Regards,

    • trying to point out how great BBT is. I said I
      agree they are an excellent bank with good management,
      etc. I agree they have done better than most (but not
      all) financials over the last year or so. My point,
      and the point of an earlier post was that all banks
      may not be the place to be right now, even BBT. I
      know my glasses need to be changed, but as best as I
      can see, that 2 year chart shows BBT at approx. 28
      this time two years ago. Why, I believe they are about
      at 28 today. That seems sideways to me. Yes I know
      they were higher (and lower) than 28 during this
      period, but this has been touted as a long term hold. I'm
      just poiting out that not everyone bought at 28 or
      less and sold at 40! They thought this was a good
      "investment!" Anyway you cut it, over the last two years,
      albeit with ups and downs (Sheesh, sounds like EEOC
      talk!), the stocks has basically moved sideways.

      That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

      (more than enuff I suspose) on that. What happens if
      BBT buys another little bank in the first quarter?
      Would they venture for something larger? I keep hoping
      for a MOE with ASO but I think I'm SOL! Oh

      Any thoughts on current merger



    • You all drinking the cool aid from the same glass?

    • I'd have to agree. Compare BBT w/ other SE
      regionals and you will see the same general pattern on a
      two and five yr chart. I do think that BBT will
      resist a merger to a greater degree than some of the
      other SE regionals. Primarily because their
      profitabilty is better. Possible exception might be First

    • BBT closed 1997 at 32 1/32 and closed 1998 at 40
      3/8 - that's a 26% gain for the year 1998 which is
      pretty good. Only one year,1999 has been bad for BB&T
      and financial stocks in a rising rate environment. It
      ain't good now but history teaches us it'll get


    • As I have posted many times before, I think this
      is an excellent bank and has good management. If I
      click on Yahoo's 5 year graph of stock price (about the
      time the MOE (ha,ha, ---) occured, it looks pretty
      good. If you click on a two year chart - not so good -
      in fact it looks pretty crapy. I am not a day trader
      - two years is about 600+ days (I can't add this
      late at night), and I think a two year wait is a
      pretty long time.

      So, I am not a DELIGHTED (sic)
      shareholder - I've gone pretty much sideways over the last
      two years.

      Let's get real folks - I'm not
      trashing the stock (See above and many previous posts),
      but as an investment over the last two years at
      least, BBT has been far from stellar.

      Maybe in
      France, this is acceptable, but in rural MD, this sorta
      sucks (to quote my grand nephew). Sorry Fan, you guys
      can love it as I do, but don't tell how wonderful it
      is if you bought it two years ago.

      Just MHO.


    • and look for any stock/company you may have owned in the recent pass.

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