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  • newnite_30263 newnite_30263 Feb 25, 2000 4:39 PM Flag

    Yes, I am whining but you would , too..

    Sure the price is going to go back up sometime or other, but when? I have to sell to pay my taxes. Am I SOL?

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    • Is today the day that BBT turns around? Let's
      hope so.

    • I think you are correct to be whinning and so
      should any one else that bought this stock at
      $35+/share. Any time a stock with such great fundamentals and
      the price falls 40% or more you should be griping,
      complaining and whinning to somebody. As a post I read, maybe
      those individuals that are not concerned about drastic
      drops in share price have some ulterior motives or not
      very smart.

      • 1 Reply to Scarbro_Bill
      • Only someone who doesn't have a clue about
        reality would make a statement like that. If you really
        understood the painful truth about what happens to stocks in
        a rotational market you would understand the
        difference between being honestly disappointed at a decline
        in your stock's price and simply uninformed whining
        (bitching). Don't you have clue about how almost all value
        stocks and vitually all financial stocks have performed
        in the last 18 months. Stocks with wonderful
        fundementals such as BBT have had their heads handed to them
        while people want to own companies that have no
        earnings and no visable assets. Yes; that's whining!!

    • Yes, I am not pleased with bank stocks in
      general. Also BBT gained today while most of the other had
      a loss.

      I am not whinning because I knew
      when I got into the stock market my risks were there
      as compared to CD'S. I put myself on this position
      and it my choice to stay with BBT for the long

      Tax money should be in reserve and not depend on the
      daily ups and downs of the market


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