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  • Stockboy_II Stockboy_II Mar 10, 2000 7:41 PM Flag

    Now children....

    OK - Who didn't go potty and soiled themselves?

    Come on people!!

    Whusht - I defend your right
    to say what you have said to this point. Even though
    you're making an ass out of yourself in the process -
    that is your right and I for one don't want the
    limitations of censorship on these boards to prevent even
    fools like you from posting. I mean by that that if you
    want S&M, you find a chat for that and talk potty talk
    all you want. But, that really isn't the point of
    this board - try FTU's board, although with Ed

    I digress. If you have something to say re: BBT -
    go ahead. Put whatever out there. Don't like the
    stock, hate the stock (easier to do that lately!), but
    remember this is supposed to be a "stock/investment"
    board. Try to control your urges and stick to that. Hate
    WV, complain about the purchase (although I too think
    it was a good price), bitch about the stock price
    -we all are, but don't compare the returns on this
    stock are crappy compared to a dot-com. Nobody ever
    said it was supposed to be and it makes you look
    foolish and under educated.

    If you want to really
    bitch, bitch at Yahoo for not having a spell checker to
    help old farts like me who can't spell or type not
    look quite so dumb. Naw, I'm just kidding, even as a
    lousy speller and probably still look smarter than

    Finally, don't take yourself so seriously. Honestly, none
    of us do.

    If you have something on purpose
    and meaningful to contribute, plase do - we all want
    to hear it. If not, shut the .....



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