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  • fromthelager fromthelager Aug 25, 2000 10:51 AM Flag

    Glad to get with BB&T.

    I'm a BKFR (BankFirst of TN) shareholder, and
    that stock has for two years made me no money except
    for dividends. So I'm happy they sold out even if it
    was for diddlysquat. Now I'm curious about what you
    longtime shareholders have to say about the future of

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    • Welcome aboard from a 30 year shareholder! BB&T
      is a good long term investment in my opinion; great
      franchise, well respected management, proven sales culture
      (hard to do in a bank as you know), double digit
      dividend increases in recent years, highly diversified
      small business/middle market loan portfolio, and good
      asset quality history. The downside of owning any bank
      stock is the temporary doldrums caused by rising rate
      cycles. I've used the last two years as a buying
      opportunity. Look at the number of "buy" recommendations on
      this bank.

      Talk to us a little about the market
      and economic prospects out your way.


    • Welcome aboard !

      What's the story on this Fred Lawson guy?

    • Welcome to BB&T. I have been a shareholder since
      1980. It has been ( until about 20 months ago) an
      excellent stock to own. Growth was good and dividends were
      inline with most banks. Nearly all banks went into a
      sharp decline in early 1999 and BB&T has made a small
      recovery - long way to go.

      I have not sold one
      share and do not plan to at this time. My feeling is
      that it is going to be slow to recover. The fact that
      BB&T is a well managed operation as much as anything
      else helps me make this choice.


      • 1 Reply to rwmgn
      • RW, whatcha no good boy?

        Good seeing your
        name again. gave up on the pc many months ago. Found
        It was taking time way from the garden and my girl
        dot. also the grankids come here and all they do is
        play on this thing, what about the garden? They don't
        want no garden, just computers and video games, you
        know what I mean RW? and trash movies.

        I have
        not sold one share either, still holding over 1,900
        shares and I don't count the money anymore. gotta lexus
        now, did i tell you that? traded the old one in,
        bought a nice es300, black outside cream inside. pertty
        car rw. But i still like toolin in the old chev

        How is life treating you? Your NC boy right?
        somehwere I have the invite for lunch - someday I may take
        you up on it. Dot doesn't like me going off, but I
        still do. See my friend bert down in florida. That

        Thought I would stop in and say hello. I'll check back in
        a few weeks, leaving in the morning for south

        Doctor JunJun

    • The Staff, reports on the latest stocks
      views by Paine Webber
      BBT - Reiterated Buy, core banking operations during
      the 1Q proved efficient, '00 est. $2.17 and '01
      $2.50, target $35

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